Saturday, February 28, 2009

excited but nervous

So this whole army thing really has me excited and nervous. I am really excited about the all of the things that come along with him being in the national guard. I am excited for him going to boot camp, and is AIT that he is going to have to go to. But in the same breath, that means he is going to be gone from the kids and I for at least 2 months just for his boot camp. Not including his AIT that he has to go to. How am I going to deal with him not being here? How am I going to feel when he is gone and I am here all alone with the kids? That is the part that I am going to have the most problems with. I am so use to him being here and going to bed with him at night. I am so use to his little jokes he plays on me, and his little songs he sings. The kids are going to miss their "daddy." Zane is going to miss him playing with him, and having a male in the house. Zoei is going to miss playing with him. It will def be hard, but it will be so worth it in the end. I have to remind myself that it is going to be alright. Besides I have my family and friends. Isn't the same as having the love of my life here, but they will get me by.
One part I really am excited about is us getting married in the next month! We were going to get married in march of this year, but decided to put it off until next year. But with him enlisting, we are going to get married before he goes to boot camp. Sucks that we won't be able to do the whole church thing with the bridesmaids and flowers, and the whole nine yards, but the important thing is that we will be married. I was looking up information online today about getting married at the justice of the peace. That is where Kyle and I got married, but I didn't really remember how we did it or how long we had to wait or how much it cost. Found all of that out today. We will def be getting married in March! At least this time I can invite my family and his family and our friends. Not that any of them will be able to come because it will most likely be on a Friday. Most people have to work on Friday's, but it's OK. We will prob go to a bar that same night and have a party. I'm excited and really looking forward to what these next couple of months have to offer.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


So the plan was to get married
March 20, 2009. But we decided to put it off until next year due to money and not really doing anything for it. Well, it might change again. Since Jeramy might be shipping out to boot camp, well we already know he is going to it's just a matter when. But there are more preks to being married, and more money..... so the decision is do we get married before he goes out. And if we do we have to do it at the justice of the peace. But we can have all of our family and friends there, and then once he gets back, we can have a big reception, or after a year get married again, renew it or whatever and have the big wedding.... just things I am thinking about.. Could I really be getting married in a month?

Church last night

Oh how I needed that! It was amazing! I love that church so much. I am so glad that Michele started going there and got us girls to go there also. It is just beautiful. You can feel the holy spirit in that place as soon as you walk through the doors. They were talking about holding on to bitterness and rath...HELLO APRIL!!! Speak right to me LORD ya know. I was prayed on, just because I felt I needed it. I felt so down in the dumps and out of out. I walked out of there just thanking GOD. You know yes we have to have a place to live, electricity, water, a car to drive, but they are all material things! I still have my health, I still have the worlds best kids, and the worlds best husband. Nothing else matters. It does but it doesn't ya know. GOD will provide for us, and will help us get through all of this. Stephanie told me to listen to a song yesterday called, Praise you in this storm. LOVE IT!! It just hit home. GOD is good no matter what you are going through and see's you as this beautiful priceless being. HE made you and you can do no wrong in his eyes. Yes you make mistakes, but nothing you do is going to make him with hold his love for you. I feel so refreshed. I feel so inlightened. GOD is good, and I walked out of there knowing that things are going to be ok.
Which brings me to my good news that I got today. Once again I got a job! It's telemarketing which sucks, but it's a job. It is money coming in until I can find something else good. So see.... GOD will come through! It might not be what we want nor what we think is good for us, but HE knows....... YAY!!!!!!! Not only did Jeramy do good on his test and is on the road to enlisting in the national guard, but I got a job! All in the same day! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ASVAB here we come

Today has been such a good day! This morning we went to the Army National Guard place for Jeramy's appointment. When he talked to the guy on the phone last night, he told him to go ahead and take the practice test online. He said that he would get an email with his scores, and then we could go from there. Well we went to the office this morning, and he said that Jeramy had passed his test. Then he told him he wanted him to take another placement test. So Jeramy goes in another room and takes the test. He comes back out and the guy said that he passed that one!!! YAY!! We talked about all of the ins and outs of the whole thing. Bascially he will go to boot camp for 9 or 11 weeks, then come back. Based on what his ASVAB test scores are he can choose from this job or that job. Once he chooses that, he will go and is done with the boot camp, he will go in training for whatever job he picked. They pay for 100% of college. They have a sign on bonus, and then a monthly paycheck while he is in "active duty." During the time he isn't in active duty, he will only get a couple hundred dollars a month, and will have to go one weekend out of the month for training. There is a chance he could get called to go over seas, but the chances aren't big.Jeramy thinks he might want to do some kind of mechanic work. The guy said that he can either choose to keep doing what he does Monday through Friday, or he can choose something different to be trained it. Jeramy wants to choose somthing different, only because it gives him more experience, and different things on his resume. His ulitmate goal is to become a cop. So he is going to do this for a while. Get all of his training, and experience. Go to college for free!! well minus the cost of books. Since he only has a GED he has to have college credit hours to become a cop. To him and I the benefits out weigh the sucky parts. I am really excited for him. He is really excited about it. I know that he is just going to take this and run with it. You know when you put yourself out there and get good feedback, and really feel like you can do something, your self worth goes through the roof. Jeramy is not the talking type, he is not the type to put himself out there. He is a routine man. But he has really takin this thing and ran with it. He knows what is ultimate goal is, and is willing to put forth the effort to get there. I am proud of him!!! This is going to be good. Will it suck for him being gone for 9 or 11 weeks, well hell yeah. But the good out weighs the bad by far. I was talking to the guy today while Jeramy was taking his test. He said that in 6 years that we have been at war we have lost 6000 men. That is nothing compaired to the lives we have lost here in the United States. He gave me some numbers to other wars also. One was we were there for 10 years and lost over 58000 men, and the other one was we were at war for 4 years and lost 37000 men. So with us being there for 6 years and only losing 6000 men is pretty good. Is it good that we lost them, no. Is it a scary thought, yes. But in all reality you are in just as much danger here as you are there. Think of how many people die everyday here in the states from car wrecks, or from random gun fire.... I guarantee we have lost more people here in the 6 years than we have there. I am comfortable with it all. To a certain extent I guess. It still scares me, but he will do good. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009 is time for it

DONE: I have come to realise that in this life you really can't do just whatever you want. I have always done what I wanted to do with no regards to anyone or anything around me. If I wanted to go out and get plastered on Friday night with my girls, I have gone. Smokin everyday has been in my life since I was 14 years old. It just has become a part of my daily life. But no more. Not getting that job because of me being selfish is uncalled for. I have two children to take care of and my stupid ways should not interfere with their well being. They should not have to suffer because of my ways. You know. I have always in my life been able to cut corners, and get away with doing whatever I wanted to do. With the hole that we are in right now it is time for a change. It is time to shake up everything in our world and step out in faith and change. It is the only way that I am ever going to get anywhere in this life. Also with the career changes that Jeramy is going to make, doing what I have been doing in not an option anymore. So I am praying for guidance from the LORD above, I am praying for strength to be able to quit and to really make a change. It is time: point blank period it is time.

Army vs Police Officer

Choices: Jeramy and I are faced with so many choices right now. What to do, how to get out of the hole that we are in right now. On Monday we went and saw an army recruiter. Found out everything that Jeramy needs to do. Found out all of the benefits of joining the army. I don't know if you remember but if you follow my blogs then you know that a couple of weeks ago Jeramy was thinking about joining the police force. Haven't really checked into that like we should, but kind of know a little bit about it just from reading the page off the Internet. So now the choice is up to him. What does he want to do. In his words he is tired of not having steady work and a steady paycheck. He is ready to make a change. Either he is going to make a total career change after doing trim carpentry for over ten years and go into law enforcement, or he is going to continue to do carpentry but in the army. I told him that what ever he wanted to do I would stand behind him 100%. In the back of my mind while I was telling him this I was thinking OK if you are going to choose between both of these, I want you to become a cop, but those words never left my mouth. I was thinking while we were talking about it that I don't want my opinion to come into play. This is a serious decision, and I want him to go with his gut. Ya know. So anyways throughout the day we talked about it a little bit here and there. Then last night we started talking about it a lot. He said that he is up for either one, but he would rather be a cop. He said either way you are taking a chance of dying, but being a cop you can choose where you live. It wouldn't be getting orders and having to move across the country. So today I am going to look into it all after I get back from my job interview. See what steps we need to take. We have to wait a couple of weeks due to something, but he is willing to quit. So just say a little prayer for us. I pray that Jeramy will be able to make a decision as to what he wants to do with his career and future. That GOD will steer him in the right direction. I pray that we find a way, better yet that GOD shows us the way out of the hole that we are in right now. I can feel the depression coming on and setting in.... and I don't want to go there. So I'm praying, hoping, begging, pleading for a change. And for the change to be good!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

All things to Christ!

I am like what else can happen, and what else can go wrong. So I am to the point where I am on my knee's. Just telling GOD that I can't take this anymore. I am at the end of my rope. I was suppose to start working this Monday. Then they called me and told me that they hadn't gotten my stuff back they needed, so I might have to wait and start next week. Well then to be honest about the whole situation, I screwed up and now I am probably not going to get the job. Don't know for sure yet, but I have come to grips with it today. Yesterday, I was freaking out. I cried for over two hours, yes feeling sorry for myself. After I got the phone call that made me start crying, I couldn't find my debit card. Which since I am I guess a true Bowling it made me start crying even more. Anyways, Jeramy and I found the card, so it made me quit freaking out so much. Then Jeramy goes to the Army recruiting office and talks to them. It gives me a little glimmer of hope. In a weird kind of way. So Tabitha tells me that the place she works is hiring, so I went up there and filled out an application yesterday. Felt good about it. I remembered a lady that I talked to but didn't know where or how I knew her. But whatever, I came home and made dinner. We ate, then the kids went to bed around 8:30. We went to sleep a little later. Woke up this morning late (8:00am) and saw my car not in my driveway. I went outside and punched the post..stupid I know but I couldn't help it. I kicked the little side wall on the porch. Came back in and made the kids breakfast. Got them ready for school and Jeramy and I walked them up to the school. (about 9:am) LATE!!! We came back home and called and after about 2 1/2hrs of waiting, we finally got an answer. My mom , today is her birthday by the way, took us up . We get up there and the card says it won't process that amount. We are like what the fuck? Come to find out someone had gotten my debit # and was charging things to my card. We will get to that in a minute, but back to what I was saying. The screwed up thing is I had a money order from the 19th that was made out to them in my wallet. I got it when I went and paid rent a center. I thought I will do it on Friday. Well my sister's birthday party was Friday, then on Saturday we went out for my mom and my sister's birthday. It never crossed my mind. With everything going on in life right now, all the daily ups and downs, I never thought about it again. So it cost us a lot more. But thank GOD we had it. It was just a stupid mistake that cost us money that we don't have right now. REALITY CHECK!!! So while we are waiting those 2 1/2hrs for the car company, I went online to check my bank account to make sure we had enough money for the car. I start scanning the account and find two charges on it. It says Subway in Flower Mound Tx. WTF? I call the bank and they said the charges were made Feb.5th and Feb.19th. So I tell the guy that there is no way those are my charges. I said I live in Arlington, do you think that I would drive to Flower Mound to eat at Subway? Anyways, he canceled my card, and is going to issue me a new one. They have to send me some paper work and stuff to fill out. Then the money will be put back into my account. The reason they wouldn't process the payment at the car lot was because they put a hold on our account, and a limit as to how much you can spend/take out.
It is now 2:15 in the afternoon and I am exhausted. These past few days have been unreal. While I was brushing my teeth today I was thinking in my head, GOD I can't do this anymore. I can't deal with all of this by myself. PLEASE take it away. I know I can't change anything, so me trying to do something about it isn't going to change anything. GOD is the only one who can change anything. HE has a plan for us, and no matter how we think it should go this way it goes that way, but we all come out better people because of it. It grounds us and makes us fall on our knee's and pray.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Might have to wait until march 4?

I had the weirdest dream last night. I had a dream that I was pregnate. It was crazy cuz I drove myself to the hospital and then after only about 2 hours, after I had him I drove myself home with the baby. Well all know that is not the way it happens. Maybe it is because Ben just had his little boy Jacob, and Michele just told me that she was pregnate, so that is probably the reason why. It was pretty crazy though.
Today is my last day, well maybe my last day to do nothing. I got a call from Telvista on Friday saying that they hadn't gotten back my background check yet. He said that he might get it on Monday, but if not then I have to wait and start on March 4th. Sucks, but what can you do. I am ready to start though. So hopefully they will get it back. Anyways going to go enjoy doing nothing, even though I really need to clean. Peace out!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pickin up the munchkins

As I was sitting outside of Corey yesterday it hit me that this is going to be the last week for me to pick up the kids from school.TEAR ;( That sucks. I went through this same thing when I took over for Ken. When I first started there I was only working until 3. Then Maria left and he wanted me to work until 5. I had to put the kids in daycare for after school. I was scared at the fact that I wasn't there to make sure they made it ok. I swear for the first couple of weeks, I called the daycare to make sure they remembered them. This isn't exactly the same situation. Since Jeramy isn't working right now, he will be the one walking up to the school and picking them up. So I know they will make it home okay, it just sucks that I am not the one doing it. The other thing is the hours I am going to be working are anywhere from 1pm till 1am. You only work an eight hour shift, but you have to be available during that time. I will find out my schedule on Monday when I start. But anyways I am getting side tracked. I won't be home at night to do homework with the kids. I won't be home at night to tuck them into bed. The only time I am going to see them are of couse the days that I am off, but other than that only in the mornings before school. Oh well Life is a journey. And this is just one of our up hill climbs on the roller coaster.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Advise needed

I love this man! I am so happy that I got a picture with his eyes open I could scream! Sexy man! So I got a call this morning from End Zone Athletics. They want me to come in tomorrow for an interview at 9. They basically pay the same. Well I guess it would be the same until I finished training. Once I finished training Telvista would pay more. It is closer to the house. It's off of 360 and Ave H. But it's telemarketing. I hate selling stuff. I can't do it, I am no good at it at all! So the question I have for you is, Do I take the job that is farther away, but pays more and would be something that I could stick with? Or do I take the job that is closer but is telemarkteting. Yes I know what some are going to say, I need to pray about it. I know that. But I need some advise also. A) telvista off of 365 and luna, more money but longer drive or B) End Zone Athletics off of 360 and Ave H but it's telemarketing? Help me please

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

so blessed and so thankful

Do you know how good GOD is? Do you have any idea? Well let me tell you another praise report. I got the job last Friday at Telvista, that same day the income tax came in so all of our bills for the month of Feb. got paid. I called today and the unemployment office sent Jeramy's first payment!!! YAY!!! So even though he isn't working right now,atleast for the next 3 months he is going to be getting paid through unemployment! THANK YOU JESUS!!!! Do you realize how wonderful this is? We have enough money to pay the bills for this month, then as I start my new job and we wait for my first paycheck, Jeramy is still going to be getting paid. I am so happy and so thankful! Once again it reinforces how GOD works. He works on his time and no amount of stress or how many times you wake up in the middle of the night in a panic, it isn't going to change. GOD knows the way,and will pull you through it all! I am living proof of it! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

In the words of Michele:Praise Report

I went to the job interview on Friday. I got the job. First I had to take a test online, then once I got up there I had to listen to 3 different calls, and basically pick what answer I thought was the best. Then I had to take a typing test. They required 25wpm and 80% accuracy. I typed 51wpm, with 88% accuracy, so I passed both of those tests. Then you had to read a story and answer 9 questions, and I got all of them right. So she took me in and told me that she wanted to sign a contract with me. Basically saying that I will work these hours, and I will get paid this much until training is over and then after training is over I get paid this much. I start on the 23rd of this month. I am excited about that. They had benifits and I talked to Karen today and she said that she knows a couple of people that worked there. I really hope and pray that it all turns out. I think GOD opened this door for me.
Then on the way to take the kids to Kyle, I found out that our income tax came in. So that means that all of our bills are good for this month. I don't really know when I will start getting paid, I won't find out until my first day. But atleast I know there is money coming in and even if I don't get paid for a couple of weeks, the bills will be paid and we will have money to run on. THANK GOD!!!
My dad, now get this , my dad called me on friday. He said that him and my mom were celebrating V-day on sunday and did jeramy and I want to come out to dinner with them. I said of course. I don't think my dad has ever called me and asked me if I wanted to go somewhere. We went tonight and it was fun. My sister and Tyler were there along with my mom dad me and jeramy. I really love my family. And for once it feels really good to "fit in". GOD is oh so good, and so is my little family! I am so blessed!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


So I got a call today from Telvista. I have an interview with them tomorrow at 12:30. They run troubleshooting for people's t.v. programing or tell people how to hook up things. I told them I have never had a job putting things together, but they said well have you ever put a t.v. or vcr together at your house and of course I said yes. It pays $10 an hour and then after your first 90 days it goes up to 11. That is exactly what I was looking for. Both my last jobs at the dr.'s office and at american tow I made 10. I had to answer some questions on the internet, and then the guy called me back and asked me more questions on the phone. I obviously did good on both if they want me to come in. He asked me how fast I could type. I told him 30-40 wpm. So he told me that there were free sites that would test you. I took one and my average was 42. He said that they only require 25wpm so I am good there. Just pray. I am over the stressin out part. I know that GOD will put me where I am suppose to be, and if this is it, then so be it. If not then we will be alright.

Just going to enjoy the ride

So yesterday was a bit crazy. I got up at 5:45 and got ready. Then I got the kids up at 6:50 and got them breakfast. I woke up Jeramy at 7, fixed Zoei's hair, then walked out the door by 7:15. I made it up to the office by 7:50 and walked inside. I don't think I was suppose to hear what I heard other people talking about because nothing was said to me directly. But just say by the time the training class started at 8, I pretty much had my mind made up that it wasn't what it was made out to be. After about an hour and a half of being there I told my trainer lady that I had to go to the bathroom. I picked up my purse and left. Whatever ya know. I am just glad that I found all of this out before I was there for a week. Things will work out . GOD is good and if this chance came along, there will be more to come too. I am just going to "enjoy the ride".
The kids go with Kyle this weekend. Kind of sucks being that it is Valentine's day. I wanted them to be my valentine, but it's okay. They are going to go to my mom's house tonight and celebrate with her. Then I planned on getting them something on Friday and doing ours after they got out of school. Then we can meet kyle at 6 or whatever. They are out of school on Monday, so legally he has to keep them until Monday at 6. It's okay, they love him and will have fun. I think I have talked Jeramy into going out with me on Friday to celebrate Tyler's birthday. I hope he ends up coming. He said that he would think about it. You never know what that means, or which way it will go. Anyways I got a call today from Telvista. It's a company in dallas that does troubleshooting for t.v. programing and computers.She asked me if I have ever done any of it and I told her I have never worked for a troubleshooing company. She asked me if I have ever ran a program for a computer, or hooked up something like a t.v. or dvd player at my house. And I said yes, so she gave me the web site to go to take the test. And then she said that if I passed it, they would call me in for an interview. The questions were kinda hard. Some were just common since. Some were about computer stuff. We will see how it goes.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dallas Edge...My new Job

Is it proper to toot your own horn? Well who cares I am tootin mine! I got hired today at Dallas Edge! I am trying to go into it thinking I can do this, and it is a good chance for me. Basically they set up places for you to go. You go and set up a table with stuff( make-up t-shirts books etc.) and you sell it. They pay you 400 a week for training and then once you feel like you can do it on your own, you work off commission. That part is going to suck, but if you make it through the selling part, then you move onto training people. After you have done that you make it to management. Once you make it there they pay you a salary of 70-80,000 a year. The lady that I rode with today has been with the company for 6 months. She is already training people and got told that in the next 6-8 weeks she is going to be managment. I hope that happens to me, and I hope that I do good. I am trying to believe that GOD has put this in front of me. Why else would every once else shut the door in my face so to speak, and this one open? Maybe GOD thinks I can do good at it. You know that things happen when they are right and maybe this is it? I don't know but I am trying to be very open with it all. I hope and pray that they turn out to be everything that they said they are and that everything works out. I start tomorrow at 8 in the morning. Jeramy is going to be Mr. Mom and have to get the kids up and ready for school, and then walk them to school. It's okay it's not going to hurt them. Then once Jeramy's work picks back up they will have to start going to the girls inc. at their school. They have a before school and after school program. It's a lot cheaper then daycare. So anyways say a little prayer that it is all it's cracked up to be. I have my doubts but I am trying to be confident about it all!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Call back!!!!!!!!!

I went to a job interview today at 12:30 for Dallas Edge. I wasn't too sure about it, and I still am not. I don't really understand exactly what they do. But tomorrow I will find out because they called me back today to go in for my second interview!!!!!!!!!!! YEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly I don't really care what they do I just need a paycheck. hahahahh no I'm just playing. I really hope it turns out to be good. I hope it's something that I would be interested in doing, and I hope they like me. So pray for ya gurl tonight when you lay your little pretty heads down to sleep. I hope this is the start to something big

Ups, Downs and all arounds

Emotions ran high today to say the least. I went to a couple of places today. Filled out one application and then went to a job interview. I don't really know about that Dallas Edge place.Anyways she said they were doing second interviews tomorrow and on wednesday. So if they wanted me to come back they would call to me.When I got home Jeramy and I went to go put his check in the bank. When I saw his check, I was like holy cow. How are we going to manage this? Ya know? It just sucked.Here come the tears. Sometimes it just gets to be too much.I let shit build up and ignore it for so long and then it always just hits me at once. So Jeramy and I talked for a little while which always makes me feel better. He knows how to get my mind off shit. He lets me vent, he vented as well. Then it's done. So it's 5 o'clock and I am finally at happy again. I feel like I have been down in the dumps today and then all the way back up to cloud 9. GOD is good and something will happen. I know that. I just have to remind myself of that and things will be alright. I get side tracked sometimes....

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Monday Job interviews

Tomorrow is another day of job hunting. In the morning I have an interview at Race Track at 9, then I have another job interview for Dallas Edge at 12:30. The race track job would be just until I found something else.I really don't want to work at a gas station. But I have to feed my kids. So you do what you gotta do. The dallas edge place is some kind of marketing company. I don't know what it is all about, but once again it's a job. Ashley just called me and said that Jessica's job is hiring. It's telemarketing, but whatever. It's a job. Ashley said that if I put Jessica's name on the application, I would get hired. The hours are from 8- 4:30. So it would be perfect. I suck at selling things, but I would be there everyday trying my ass off. The only thing that worries me is making Jessica look bad. Would I show up yes, would I try my ass off yes, but I just don't want to screw up and make her look bad. We will see. I am going to go there tomorrow after I go to the other job interviews. Say a little prayer that something works out tomorrow. I really need something to come through.

Ashley Leann

Tribute to my little sister Ashley. Once again she has come and saved the day! My cell phone was shut off yesterday because it's metro pcs and if you don't pay that day, they turn it off. Well being that I haven't gotten my tax return yet I didn't have the money to pay it. Not only does it suck not having a phone, but when you are looking for a job and your phone is shut off, how in the hell are the people going to get a hold of you? I hate that it's my little sister giving me money.Thankful yes, but hate that it is from her. It should be the other way around ya know. Someday..... someday it will be that way! So thank you ashley for saving my ass... You are the best sister anyone could ever ask for.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

waiting game

The waiting games sucks! There is nothing good about it. I went to my job interview yesterday. I got there about 1:45. Lucy, the lady who did my interview showed up about 2:15. We talked for awhile and she went over everything that they do in the office. They don't do alot of AAA calls. They mostly work for cross country, which I did with Ken for about a month but he couldn't handle it with the AAA calls.They also do calls for the ft. worth police department which I know all about. I use to do the billing for the police department. She told me the hours I would be working would be 8-4 during the week, and then we work every other weekend. Fine by me. She told me when I was leaving that she would call me either yesterday or today to tell me if I got the job or not. Then while I am driving home she calls. She asked me if I knew a guy named Raymond. I asked her if he was a little short mexican dude and she said yes. So I told her that he use to work at American with Ken and I. She asked a couple of questions about him and they we hung up..... What the crap? I hung up the phone being more confused than I already Why call and ask me about a guy and his work experience and his personality but not tell me if I have the job or not? WEIRD!!!! So it is 9 in the morning now and I am still waiting to hear back from her. There is nothing good about waiting. So I have been filling out more applications on the internet to keep my mind going. Hopefully she calls soon and just lets me know one way or another.....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Today is the big day!

Today is the big day. The job interview at Cardinal Towing.Excited, nervous, anxious are just the begining of the feelings/emotions that I have going on right now. Jeramy seems really confident that I will get the job. I am pretty much the same way, but you know how you doubt yourself or your ability. I am trying to look at it like she wrote me an email that I didn't respond to because of the hours being 3-11. Then she calls me and asks me what my ideal situation was. I tell her that I have two kids and that I need to be at home with them at night. And she still wants me to come in for an interview. So I am thinking that she really wants me. Could I be wrong, yes but I hope not. We will see though. My interview was suppose to be at 1 today but she called me at 10 last night and said that she needed to move it till 2. It works out because Jeramy isn't working so he can pick up the kids from school. I don't think my interview will last that long, but being that it is in Euless I have to drive down dreaded 360. That is going to be the bitch of the situation. It's off of Euless Main, so that means coming home I either have to do collins or 360 and depending on what time of the day that I am going to get off, that could be a REAL BIG BITCH! You all know 360 backs up at 3 in the afternoon. And everyone trys to avoid 360 so they go Collins, so it in turn gets backed up. Oh well. It will be money in tha bank! Say a little prayer for me today when you think about me. I really need this to come through. Not only because of the money, but I need the hours to be right also. OMG!!!!!!!! Jeramy and I were talking this morning. I was looking at all of my job matches online while we were talking. One of my job matches was a Benbrook Police Officer. hahhahhahaha I laughed my ass off, and then you know what Jeramy says," I would become a police officer." I kind of chuckled and then realized that he wasn't joking. I said are you serious? He said yes. So we looked at it and found out the pay and what the qualifications were. There is a job screening on Feb. 19. He is thinking about really going. He said hey it would be steady money. I'm like yeah, but do you know how scary it is thinking you might not come home one night. He seems really into it right now so we will see how it all plays out after he processes it in his mind. Scary but honerable......

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Eating my words?

Does this picture have anything to do with what I am about to tell you, NO. But it sure is cute! Anyways while I was writing the other blog about how shitty my day was I got a call. Now if you keep up with the blogs you know that I already got an email from Cardinal Towing, but the hours weren't really what I wanted. They were Wed- Sun 3-11pm. If I didn't have kids it would be fine. So I am writing that other blog and the call was from Lucy at cardinal towing. We begin to talk and she asks me what was my situation. I told her that I was a mother of two kids and that I needed to find a job that I would be home by 6. (they might have to start going to girls inc at school which gets out at 6:30) I told her that I could come in at 8 and just had to be gone by 6. She asked how old my kids were so I told her 7 and 5. Even after me telling her the hours that I needed to work were different from the hours that she had posted she still wants me to come in tomorrow for an interview at 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See how GOD works? I was in the middle of telling you how GOD doesn't work fast enough for me sometimes and how things work out when GOD see them fit, not when we think they should. And you see how I have to eat my words. Does this mean that she is going to hire me, no. But I think she might be a little interested because not only did she email me, which mind you I haven't even responded to, but she called me. And plus the whole hours thing.... we will see.
You know what else I have noticed.When things are going wonderful in my life, I don't really blog that much, but when things are up in the air, I can write and write and write etc......... LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!! AND GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!

Day from HELL!!!!!!!!!

I feel like this little dog right now. Just sitting and waiting for something to happen. Stress doesn't sit well with me. Maybe it is because of my past experience with the ex husband, maybe it is because just the sheer fact that it is stress. I don't know but April and stress does not work well together. As you all know Jeramy got told yesterday that he wasn't going to have any work atleast for the next 2 or 3 weeks. So I started looking for jobs on the internet. Being that most places look for people here, I am going to use it to my advantage. Do you know that looking for a job is stressful within itself, not adding the stress that you have in the first place. It SUCKS! I have filled out so many applications it isn't even funny. I am waiting on a call back from Medical Health something. From what I have read and you know that they always put what you want to hear on there, but it says that it is selling medical insurance, but it's no cold calling. Basically you are calling people back who have already asked for medical quotes. Hope that is what it is. I don't really care right about now. I just need to know that there is money coming in somehow. Even if it is selling shit, I can do it until I find something else better. Is it what I want to do with my life, no..... is it something that even interest me, no...but there is a family of four here and we all have to eat, and have water, and a place to live, and electricity, have to have a car to get back and forth.... just thinking about it all stresses me out even more. I know that GOD will provide, but I am just not in that state of mind right now. I am trying with everything to get my mind wrapped around that, but it is easier said than done. If you are anything like me you give it up to GOD and say okay, I am done with it, you will provide and I will be alright. Then 10 minutes later you are taking it back from GOD saying you aren't doing it fast enough. lol Do we have control of anything, no! It is all within GOD 's hands. Things happen when GOD see's them happening. Not when or how we think they should happen. GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why can't I get my mind around that? No matter how much I stress about it, no matter how much Jeramy and I fight over what we should do , it isn't going to change anything! NOTHING!!!!!!
Which brings me to another point. I have now figured out that Jeramy and I do not do good in stressful situations. I get worked up, and end up saying something not even meaning for it to sound shitty, but that is how he hears it and then here we go. The claws come out. SHITTY!!!! It sucks because we play the quiet game, then we end up making up. I guess the quiet game is okay because it gives us time to calm down. Then we can talk like adult human beings. Instead of acting like 5 year olds... Life Life Life.... crazy roller coaster!

Cardinal Towing....maybe a job?

So some good news to start the day off right. I was online pretty much all day yesterday looking for a job. I went on and filled out a resume. Then I applied to a bunch of places. One of which was cardinal towing. Being that I worked for American Tow and Auto Repair for over 2 years, I have experience in dispatching. So Lucy, don't know who she is but she sent me an email this morning saying for me to call her to set up an interview. My thinking is she wouldn't of emailed me back if she wasn't interested. The only thing that sucks about it is the work days are from Wednesday- Sunday 3pm to 11pm. It will be fine until Jeramy starts working the hours he was working again. The kids get out of school at 3:30. They have a girls inc. thing at the school that lasts until 6:30. If Jeramy can get home by that time then we will be alright , but on some days I would have to get my mom to pick them up until Jeramy gets home. We will see...I still haven't gone for an interview yet... say a little prayer for me!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Bad news today

So we got some not so good news today. Tristan, one of the guys that Jeramy works with, told him today that Matt, the boss, said that they wouldn't have any more work atleast for the next 3 or 4 weeks. This whole economy thing sucks for construction jobs espically when you work for housing companies. No one is getting approved for bank loans so therefore no one is buying houses. SUCKS!!! This time of year is always bad for him. It's the end of the year for housing companies so no one is building new homes, they are just trying to close the ones they already have built. So I am not officially looking for another job. I have filled out some applications online today. Hopefully I will get a call back on atleast one of them. I am going to go out tomorrow and look for now hiring signs. I have to find something or as Jeramy says we will end up in the poor house. All of our bills are pretty much taken care of for this month, but that is about it. So I need to find something within the next week. Hopefully I will find something this week so that we can get the ball rolling in a new direction. We are going to go up to Belfor tomorrow and let Jeramy fill out an application. It's a good company to work for. The only thing is Jeramy will probably be traveling which sucks ass, but you gotta do what you gotta do. He has all the experience that they are looking for and at one point actaully talked to someone. They said that he has all the qualifications that they are looking for but at the time he didn't have a vaild drivers license so he couldn't go ahead with the application. But now he does. So say a little prayer for me.... and jeramy. That either one or both of us finds another job. Jeramy's job will be fine in a couple of months, so it's really just me that has to find something to hold us over until then. Except if he gets this job at Belfor. If that happens then I won't have to work cuz he will be bringing home 60k or 70k a year. I know that GOD has a plan for us, and everything will work out. I really am not that stressed about it......yet....... I am going to try and tell myself that there is no reason to get stressed... we will see how well that goes. Anywhooooo Love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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