Monday, March 30, 2009


So today is Monday March 30,2009. It was so hard to get out of bed this morning. I am so glad that we are only a couple of months away from school being out. Kyle is suppose to take them for a month during the summer, but that isn't going to happen. Don't know if you are up to date with the madness known as Kyle's life. He was suppose to take the kids this past weekend. I woke up Friday morning to an email from him saying that he was once again homeless. His mom took away his car and his phone and his place to live so he no longer has a place for him to go much less the kids. Remember he is going to be 29 years old in August. Why would an almost 29 year old man have to have a car, home and a phone through his mom? Shouldn't he have that all on his own? Maybe it's just me, but I think he should. So I wrote him back saying that he is once again playing the part. I don't feel sorry for him and once he gets a place of his own, a steady job, a car, and starts paying his child support that he hasn't paid in almost a year. Then we will talk about him seeing the kids. I called the attorney general who is in charge of our child support case. They really couldn't give me any answers to my questions but gave me the number to legal aid. I called them and they gave me a number where you can call and talk to a real lawyer over the phone. I told her what my concerns were and what his situation was. Told her about all of the ups and downs, what kyle has done and what he is court ordered to do but hasn't done. She told me what my options were. I was really relieved when she told me. For once I feel I can do something about all of this, and it doesn't matter what Kyle says. Won't put it all out here because I am sure he still reads these blogs, but just know that it's all good. I am going to go see my lawyer that did my divorce since he knows the case. Anyways better shut you all!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Job interview

April 1 I have a job interview. It's a dispatcher position. The company installs cable, internet and phone service. The guy that I talked to said I would be paired up with 6 or 7 guys a day that go out and do installitons. Basically I call the customer tell them when they are going to be there, call the customer when the guy gets there, call the customer when the guy is done, and then a couple of days later call them and take a survey with the customer. Sounds pretty easy. Going back to dispatching but I really like the hetic pace of it. I won't be working for Ken so it should be all good. You have to take a drug test to get the job, but being that it has been 30 days as of today that I stopped smoking, I should be alright. Jeramy took his drug test at his physical on the 28th day and passed it. I still have another 6 days until I have to take mine so I'm not worried about it. Hopefully I get the job. It will give us some money until Jeramy goes into "active duty." I still plan on working while he is gone because I figured if I just sat around all day long, I would miss him even more. So if I have something to do with my time, like working on top of taking care of the kids, I should be alright. Maybe I can keep my mind going all day long and the only time it would really bother me was when I went to sleep at night. That is going to be the hardest thing ever. Sleeping my byself isn't something I enjoy. I went from living with my parents until I was 17, then I moved straight in with Kyle. Even when he worked nights, the kids would sleep with me. Then Kyle and I split up in March of 2005, and I lived with tabitha for 6 weeks. Jeramy stayed with me there a lot then we got our own apartment and have been living together for over 4 years now. So him not being here at night is going to be hard. His schedule should be alright. He will leave in July, then graduate in September, so I will see him then. He gets to come home in November for Thanksgiving, then he goes back. He gets to come home in December for 2 weeks for Christmas, then goes back...then he will be back for good around Valentines day 2010. I think it is pretty much going to work out where I see him every 6 weeks or so. After he goes to Virginia and is there for a few weeks, they will start giving him weekends off. So then there is a chance I can fly up there or he can come home for a weekend. Learning process most defiently! I love him so much and he is my rock, I can't imagine him not being here.......

Ring....Maybe moving...hole lotta blabs

So let me start off with the ring. I know this shouldn't bother me, maybe it shows how shallow I can be..but let me bitch for a minute and then I will get over it. When you pay for a champagne diamond with white topaz stones all around would expect people to know that it is a champagne diamond, right? Maybe they don't know because it isn't that common for a wedding ring, but it's not a citrine... November's birthstone. Should it bother me, no. Do I correct people when they say that, or it that rude of me? I don't know, and it really is a whole lot of nothing. Who cares what people think it is~
Anyways on to my next venture in life... is it possible that we might be moving sometime next year? To Temple, or Austin? Jeramy will be back from his training in Feb of 2010. There is a head Apache helicopter place in Killeen. We all know that Killeen is a po dunk down..... But anyways they hire straight out of the army training... so since he is going to be a helicopter mechanic and learn everything about the Apache helicopters, we might be moving. He can't drive two hours to and from work everyday. That would be miserable ya know. It's not really that big of a deal other than I am suppose to babysit my niece or nephew for my sister until Tyler can afford to pay all the bills and Ashley stay at home..... Two hours away isn't that big of a deal. We would be closer to Christy, Jeramy's sister. We will see what the future holds but that is a very real possibility.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

He is officially sworn into the Army National Guard!

So my husband is officially sworn into the Army National Guard! He went this morning and took his physical, and he passed it all! I am so proud of this man! It's really official now. Sworn in and all...... WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mom called me earlier and asked about him because she has adopted him as her son. I told her then that all I knew was he had taken his physical and was waiting.... So when he called to tell me that he was sworn in, I called her back and told her. She said you make sure that you tell him that your father and I are so proud of him. She said that they were so excited for him. You could hear it in her voice. YAY!!!!!!!! So if you read this make sure you send him a text message or call him and tell him congrats!!!! So proud of that man! I love him

Our Hotel

So the hotel that Sarah got for us was amazing! I felt like cindrella for the night. Our room was up on the 26th floor. The view of downtown Dallas at night was beautiful! The room had a little living room, and then a seperate bedroom. Jeramy and I stood at the window for awhile just looking out. We had three views, two in the living room and then one in the bedroom. We laid in the bed and opened the curtains, and just looked out. Well for a little while, you all know what happens on the wedding night so I won't go into details of The next morning, we went and had breakfast on the second floor. After breakfast we went exploring and discovered the pool on the roof! We came back to the room and Jeramy being the loving dad that he is he said," let's call your mom and have her bring the kids so that they can check this out." So at 10 that morning we called my mom and she brought the kids to us. We took them around the hotel and they were just as impressed as we were. We took them up to the roof and they went swimming for about an hour. You can defiently tell that we are a married couple with kids when you are on your honeymoon get away and you call and have the kids brought to you so that they can check it out. hahahahah why not? ya know. It was amazing and I am truly thankful
to Ms. Sarah for doing that for us. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day!

Reception Part 1: Saltgrass

You can see from the picture that Jeramy had way too much fun shoving the cake up my nose! I told him, if you be nice then I will be nice...his response to me way "he,he,he." I knew then that I was about to get cake in my eyelids! Saltgrass did a good job. They had a room set aside for us. We all ate dinner there, and did the cake. It was fun just hangin with our families, and friends. I will leave you with some pictures from saltgrass......then write another blog about our reception Part 2:

Monday, March 23, 2009

we have a date for his departure

We have a date: July 22, 2009. That is the day that my husband will ship out for boot camp. That is the day that I will cry so much my eyes are going to pop out of my head. But I will be will he..... He will ship out then and go to Kentucky. He will do his boot camp there and be gone for 9 weeks. The kids and I will drive out there to see him when he is graduating. Can you imagine that...the kids and I driving to Kentucky? lol Anyways I will get to see him for maybe a day or two there, and then he will fly to Virgina. He didn't get his security clearance for the air traffic/radar mechanic because of the credit check. It doesn't matter if something is 7 years old, if you are not current on your payments, you don't qualify.So he is going to be a helicopter mechanic! Not really what he wanted to do but he is excited none the less. He can still get a good job afterwards ya know. So he will go to Kentucky for a little over 2 months, then he will fly to Virgina and be there for a little over 4 months. Virgina is where his sargent went for his training and he told Jeramy that he got to come home for Christmas. From what mine and Jeramy's take on that is you get to choose when you come home. He said that he came home for Christmas and then his wife flew up there for New Years Eve. If that is the case then it will be all groovy! Not really but I will tell myself that. Him only being gone for 17 weeks is a lot better than him being gone 35 weeks for his training. Oh how my world is about to change, but I am ready for it! Kind of....ummmm yeah!

spending the night without my husband

I absolutely love saying my husband! It has been such a long time coming, I love saying the words! So tonight is my first night without him being here. He left after the kids got out of school to go to the hotel. He is taking his physical tomorrow morning, early morning, like 4:50am he is leaving the hotel. I am so proud of him for doing this. Jeramy isn't the type of person who puts himself out there or likes going to places and doing things alone. But he is holding his head up high, and is doing what is best for his family. I have talked to him twice since he left. It feels so weird him not being here. Since he hasn't been working, I have gotten so use to him just being here. Either playing the PlayStation 3 or singing while he listens to the radio. Him being here when I wake up in the morning and when I go to sleep at night. But this is the reality of our situation, and the direction our life together is taking, so I have to be open and willing to be without him for a little while. I have to get use to him not being here. When he ships out he is going to be gone until Jan.2010. So I have to learn to spend as much time with him that I can. I have to cherish every waking moment with him, because he is going to be gone a lot longer than 24 hours next time he leaves. I am trying to wrap my mind around that. But I don't think it is going to hit me until he really leaves. I can try and be okay with it now while he is here, but I know once he does ship out, I am not going to know what to do with myself........

Saturday, March 21, 2009

March 20,2009

I am officially Mrs.Wilcox! Words can not describe what a whirl wind of amazing times these past two days have been. Let's see if I can remember it all. It started off with me being up at 8 Friday morning. Within ten minutes of being up I was bouncing off the walls. I am going ninty miles a minute talking to Jeramy and his nice way of telling me to shut up and slow down was him saying, "April, I am still trying to wake up." LOL! I was ready to get this show on the road. We took a bubble bath together. Then got the kids up. I gave Zoei a shower, and then got her out. While I was drying my hair my sister called and said to meet her at the nail salon at 10:30. We go up there and have sister time. Amazing to say the least. We hung out and got our feet and done, and then I got my nails done. I finally left there about 1. When I got home, Tabitha Cheryl and Tom were already here. She had cut Jeramy's hair. Then while Jeramy got in the shower, she cut Zane's hair. He couldn't sit still long enough and kept moving. So his hair ended up taking a lot longer than expected. After Zane's hair was cut, I put him in the shower. Tabitha started working on Cheryl's hair while I did my make up. After that I got my hair done, while sippin on some champaine. My mom got here about 3:30 to pick the kids and I up. We went to her house and I got the kids dressed.They were the cutest kids on earth! It only took me about 15 minutes to get them ready. My dad drove me and the kids to the park. When we got there the kids got out and went first. They did such a good job with walking down the isle. Zoei was throwing the flowers and Zane was holding the pillow with the rings. Then can my dad and I. One of the most special things of all time. I wanted that so bad, and I am so glad that I got to do it. Got up to where Jeramy and Tom were standing. Tom asked my dad who was giving me away. He went and sat down, and then I took Jeramy's arm. Zoei held my flowers, and Zane stood my Jeramy. We went through all of the wedding vows, which Jeramy was so nervous about. But he did such a good job! I started crying a little bit, but I caught myself. After we said our vows, and the prayer, he said the magical words, Jeramy and April, you are husband and wife, you may kiss your bride! YAY!! We kissed and then walked away to James Brown I feel good....I busted some moves, of course I would...We took pictures of everyone, and I smoked a cig in my wedding dress. Classic White trash move. lol.... anyways we went to the reception and ate food. Then we did the cake and of couse threw cake in eachothers faces..Jeramy got it up my nose, I promise I will be pulling out icing out of my nose for years! It was good times though. After Saltgrass, we went to G's! TC is the best DJ, and made it wonderful! We partied it up for awhile, and left the bar around 1. Went to the hotel and it was amazing.I will write another blog about the hotel. THANKS SARAH!!! You are amazing! Here are some pictures

Sunday, March 15, 2009

March 13,2009 Our Wedding Party

Friday March 13,2009 was our wedding party. We decided not to do our original plans and we just went to G's instead. Everyone is comfortable there, and of course we have the best DJ around in that place, so it was fun! I got home from work around 7:20 or so. Jeramy already had the T-shirts that Sarah had made for us at the house. They are so cute, and def a memory that I am going to hang up for the rest of our lives. Here is a picture of them: Thefront says Bride and Groom, and then the back says:Team Wilcox LOVE THEM!!! I am going to get a big picture frame and put them up. Anyways we walked in and my two besties Sarah and Shannon had decorated the bar with balloons and confetti. They had glow in the dark bracelets and a "bling bling" ring. They went all out for it. Really makes me feel special and know who my true friends are. People that go out of their way to make someone else feel special for a day. Those are the people that I want to spend my time with. Even my little sister who as you all know is prego came out for an hour or so. Anyways it was a blast. TC let Jeramy and I dance to At Last by etta james, my favorite song in the whole wide world. Here is a pic of that: I love this man more than anythings in the world. But you guys already know that. Anyways by the end of the night between random people buying us shots and beers, and shannon ashley and Tabitha, Jeramy's sister, buying us shots, I was drunker than drunk! Shannon called Tony who had already left by the way and he came back up there to drive my car home. I rode with Shannon, and jermay drove him and his sister in her car back to our house. CRAZY NIGHT!!! but it was so much fun. Thank you ladies for buying us drinks, for buying the shirts and balloons, and for going out of your way to make us feel special. I love you guys and you know who I am talking about! You guys rock!!! All in all it was a great night! THANKS AGAIN MY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Only have 8 minutes

I only have eight minutes until I have to leave for work. But in this eight minutes I want to tell you how thankful I am. My life is amazing! Hard sometimes, yes, but I am loving every minute of it. My children are the best kids ever. Their smiles are what I live for every day. The joy in their little eyes, the innocents in their hearts. Jeramy is the most amazing husband I could ever ask for. Tabitha said to me the other day that she never thought this would happen. I said what, she said to me Jeramy just doesn't seem like the marrying type. Like he doesn't want to commit himself. I just blew it off, but it got me to thinking. Jeramy started this thing off taking on not only me but two children. Committing yourself to me is one thing, but committing yourself to being a father to two children is beyond anything. If that isn't willing to give up everything in your own life I don't know what is. Jeramy is def
the marrying type, and the most committed person in the world. I love him more than life itself, and I am so thankful that I get to share my life with him. I can't imagine being with anyone else. He loves me for me, truly the real me that not many people get to see. He loves those babies like they were his own. He doesn't even look at them like they are Kyle's children. He See's them as his. They see him as their father. Life is grand and I am so thankful. Thankful to the man upstairs for allowing me to be Zane and Zoei's mother, thankful for putting Jeramy and I back together, thankful for the real friends that I have in my life. Not the judgemental people, the people who are not secure within themselves to be happy for you, but the TRUE friends. GOD is amazing, and will do wonders in your life. He truly transformed my life around, and without HIM I don't know where I would be.
Okay it has been eight minutes, so I have to go. Love you all and hope you have a kick ass day!

Monday, March 9, 2009

this sucks

I am so freakin sleepy this morning. It is 8:51, but damn it feels like it is 3 in the morning. I couldn't go to sleep last night for anything. I tossed and turned... repeat. UGH!!!!! I was up until 2 this morning, then I had to get up at 7 to get the kids to school. They didn't want to get up either cuz to their little bodies they still had another hour to sleep. They were so mad at me for waking them up, all the while I am sitting there trying to keep myself awake. Then not to mention I have to go sit in the hell hole for 8 hours today! I am trying really hard to wrap my head around just getting the money, but it is a miserable place to be. I come home pissed off not liking anyone or anything. But I still have to go cuz my children have to eat. My mind is going a million times a minute thinking of all the things I have to do for the wedding. I can't make it stop going and going..... Overwhelmed to say the least. What really gets my goat is Jeramy is still sleeping. I hate the fact that he doesn't have to get up in the morning, I hate the fact that he gets to sit around and play poker all day long, take a nap if he wants to, do whatever he pleases. While I am stuck hitting the floor running at 7 and don't get off work till 7, then still have to come home and cook dinner, and do homework with the kids.... If there was no sitting at a hell hole all day long, I would be just peachy, but that is not the case right now. I have to do this to provide for my family. MONEY MONEY MONEY is what I am telling myself. It's not a very good motivational thing when you are miserable!

Bride in 09

Bride in 09!! Really? This day is coming faster and faster, and I am so pumped! Stressed yes but so ready for it to be here. Today we went and did a little run through at the park. There were people there so we really couldn't practice like we wanted to, but we have an idea on how it is going to go. The kids did a run through, and figured out how they are going to do it. They are going to walk together. Zane is going to carry the rings, and Zoei is going to be throwing flowers. Tabitha brought over a dress that she had for Zoei to wear and it is perfect! It is white with little flowers on it. She is going to look so pretty! I went this weekend and got Zane some black dress pants a blue shirt and a tie to go with it. He is going to be a little killer in his outfit! I got my shoes and Zoei's basket that she is going to carry. On Friday Jeramy booked the park so that is taken care of. Everything is pretty much done except the marriage license which we are going to do on Thursday. Then Saturday I am going to Tabitha's salon to get my hair done. She did it in January for my birthday, but the roots are showing. Last night I wrote all of the wedding vows. Well I didn't write them all, but I got ideas off the computer and picked which ones I liked and what I wanted said. I am really excited that Tom is going to be the one who does the service. So we are 12 days away, and I am so pumped! I can't wait! Oh and on Friday the 13th we are going to G's to have our party! Sarah is making us T-shirts that say bride and groom on the front then on the back they are going to say Team Wilocx!!! YAY!!! Anyways it is 12:30 and I have to go to work tomorrow. It is going to be so hard with the time changing!

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Let's start off with some good news...I got my wedding ring! Well we ordered it. It is so pretty! It's got a champaine diamond in the middle with little diamonds that go all the way around the band! LOVE IT! It says that it usually leaves the warehouse in 10 business days, which is just about the same day we are getting married, so I hope it comes! lol wouldn't that be a sight, not having your wedding ring the day you get married. HAHAHAH anyways, we are going to go get Jeramy's this weekend. He just wants a simple band for right now. He said latter on when we have more money to spend, he will get a better one. We are going shopping this weekend to get me some earrings and a strapless bra. We have to get Zane some clothes to wear and Zoei a basket to put the flowers in. Then we have to find some fake flowers so that she can throw them on the ground. Jeramy is going to rent the spot at River Legacy today. I think I can pretty much get everything that needs to be done, done this weekend. I am really stressin about it. I hit the floor running at 7 getting the kids up and ready for school, then by the time I take them, I only have enough time to come home and get ready for work. Then I am gone all day long until 6(just for this week). So by the time I get off and come home and do homework with the kids and cook dinner, it's 8 or so at night. You can't do shit then.
The bad: MY JOB SUCKS!!! There is nothing good about sitting on a phone having people hang up on you all day long. It makes me miserable! Then I come home in a shitty mood, and without knowing I take it out on the kids and Jeramy. I had to have Jeramy talk me into going yesterday. I really am to the point only 4 days into it to say F- it! But I am trying to think okay just for a couple of more weeks until Jeramy's work picks back up. But that is so HARD!!!
The ugly: Getting hung up on all day long!! I don't know how people can sit there and sell stuff to people. I am not a sale's woman!! Never have been and never will be. So anyways, Just wanted to bitch a little bit before I have to go get ready for the hell hole! Pray for me....I hope that I have the will power to stick it out, but it is really testing me!

Monday, March 2, 2009

he rocked it

Mr. Jeramy Lee rocked the asvab test out! His scores are so high that basically there are only 2 jobs that he doesn't qualify for and he only missed them by 2 points. He is on cloud 5,000,000 right now and so am I. I am so proud of him. Words can not even begin to describe what a high we are on...and it's a natural high, no smoking needed!!!! lmfao..... He is going to go next Wednesday to take his physical, and we all know that Jeramy is in really good shape..kind of puts me to shame hahahaha. They are going to do blood work and this and that. YAY people! Excited about the changes in our lives is an understatment! I am so ready for this chapter in our lives. Yes it is going to be hard with him being gone, but you know what I have friends and family that will get me through. The kids will take up a lot of my time, except for the weekends the are gone, and then I will go plant my ass at someone's house.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I got my wedding dress!

My mom and I went to david's bridal today and got my wedding dress! Here are some pics of it. Nothing too fancy, just plain but pretty. It's white and ivory and laces up in the back. I was so happy that my mom went with me. You know as a little girl you dream of your wedding day, and shopping for a dress with your mom. So it was special to me...really special to share that experience with her. We are either going to do it at river leagacy park where mary got married, or at joe pool lake. I will have to go check out joe pool lake and see what they have. I really liked the place where mary did her wedding. We are getting married March 20,2009!!! I am so excited! This is something we wanted to do for a long time, but with him going into the military, it just makes us do it faster. Cheryl, Jeramy's mom is going to make us a cake and I think she is going to make my flowers also and Tom is going to get ordained to marry us. Everytime I look at my dress I smile! It is almost like it is surreal. I still have to get some shoes, and a strapless bra. Jeramy is going to wear his suit, we are just going to get him a new shirt. I think we are going to get Zoei just a sun dress to wear that matches, and then Zane some dress pants and a button up shirt. Since everyone has digital cameras now we don't have to hire a photographer. I am just going to tell everyone to take pics while we are getting married and then we can take pics with everyone afterwards. So YAY!!!! This is exciting people! The only thing that might come into play is the fact that we are getting married on a Friday. I start my new job this Tuesday, so I don't know how it is all going to go down with asking for a day off only being there for three weeks, but oh well! If they can't understand that this isn't exactly how we planned to do it and that we ARE going to get married before he leaves then oh well.
I keep running over and over in my head everything that needs to get done and the fact that I only have 19, well today is pretty much over, so 18 days to do it in. All on top of me starting a new job, Jeramy taking his ASVAB and physical, figuring out when he is going to ship out and where too...there are so many changes going on is our lives, but I am so ready for this challenge. Instead of being stuck in our rut that we have been in for so long, things are finally going to change. GOD is showing us the way we need to go and we are going with open arms, open minds and open hearts. Is it going to be hard, yes but that is life. Love you all!!!!


Okay seriously we are getting married in 19 days! Has anyone ever planned a wedding in 19 days? I am so excited people!!!!!!!!! My mom and I are going to look at wedding dresses today. I think we are going to rent a spot at a park and just get married there. Mary got married at river legacy park and it was pretty, so that is an option. Jeramy is just going to wear his suit that he has. WOW!!!!!!!! Anyone wanna come? It's going to be on a Friday so I know it is going to hard for some people, but if you can come it would be wonderful

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