Thursday, July 30, 2009

Talked to Sgt. Lopez

I got another letter from Jeramy yesterday. He wrote it on Sunday and he was still sitting in reception. He said one guy that was there with him had been sitting there for 83 days. Well that freaked me out. I started thinking what the hell, what about his AIT training? He had a couple of questions too, so I decided to write his Sgt. Well Sgt. Lopez called me back last night and answered them for me. He said that most guys are in reception for 7 days. The guy that had been sitting there for that long got held up because of an injury, or paperwork. That is wasn't normal. Since Jeramy had been there since Monday July 20, he more than likely went to BCT this past Monday. If that is the case then his AIT won't get messed up. Jeramy wanted me to ask him if he gets to come home for Thanksgiving and Christmas and if so who pays for it. Well he said that the guys usually don't get to come home for Thanksgiving. Reason being is they only get 2 days off for it. So he won't be home for Thanksgiving, sucks, but that just means the kids and I will make another road trip up there to see him. He can't be by himself of Thanksgiving.... Wouldn't be right. I don't care if I only see him for a day, it will be well worth the trip. They do get to come home for Christmas for two weeks. He said they usually get off any where from the 17th to 20th. We have to pay for the plane ticket for him to come home, but who cares! I will get to see him for two weeks!!!!! And he said they usually don't have to be back until the 2nd or 3rd, so that means he will be here for new years!!!!!!! I really hope he knows what he is talking about and I am not getting my hopes up for nothing. So if he really did get sent to BCT on Monday then I only have 63 days 9 hours 37 minutes and 16 seconds until I get to see him again. I really hope this is the official countdown!!! Peace out bitches

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Good News times 3

I got a letter in the mail from my husband today!!! YAY!! I am so excited! I almost literally jumped up in the air when I looked in the mail box. It was an envelope with the US army Logo on it and it said to April Wilcox from Jeramy Wilcox. It basically said everything he told me on the phone last Friday. Some new things. He had to stay up for 60 hours straight! He didn't really sleep but for maybe a couple of hours the Sunday night before he left. Then he got up at 3:30 on that Monday, that means he didn't get to rest until Wednesday night.... CRAZY! They said they were doing dental work on him, but that it wouldn't put him back any because if they weren't doing dental work he would just be sitting there. So hopefully he got sent to basic yesterday.... I don't know and he didn't know how long he was going to be sitting in reception before there were enough guys. Anyways SO STOKED THAT I GOT SOMETHING FROM HIM!
Now to the next set of good news I have: I looked on Mypay today. Basically it is a way to check Jeramy's paychecks and see when they will be coming in. LOVE IT! So I looked on there a couple of days ago and it said that there was a deposit that was going to post on Friday. It was 115 dollars for the last set of drills that he did before he left. I looked on there yesterday because I have been curious if he was going to get a paycheck on the 1st or if it was going to be the 15th. I tried to get on there but it said that it was being updated. So I waited until this afternoon and guess what. There is a deposit of 1200 dollars that is going to post on Monday!!!! THANK YOU GOD!!!!!! It is only a partial paycheck because he didn't ship out until the 20th, but none the is money in the bank. So thankful for that. I had been stressing so much about money before he left and thought we just had to make it until the 15th of this month, never dreamed it would be that much, never dreamed that it would come on the 3rd. GOD IS GOOD!!!!
Last set of good news that I have gotten today. Let's just say that I have a smile ear to ear from the two things above, and this next thing just puts me in the WOW place. I got a letter from the unemployment office, and they are going to qualify me for more unemployment. Seriously??? Amazing...... I have to say that I love it because it is just another kick in Kamal Elkomous face... that wasn't nice at all I know.... I am so happy right now. Just down right happy!

Official Orders

I got Jeramy's official orders today. His Seargent sent them to me. He requested them from Fort Knox, and sent them to me so that I can do what I need to do for my insurance.It said:

Report to 46th AG bn Fort Knox Kentucky
Reporting date : 20 July 2009..... it is so weird to me how they do the date
Advanced Individual Training Location: Fort Eustis, Virginia
AIT reporting date: 5 October 2009
Training Period: Approx 10 weeks for basic training and 18 weeks for MOS training or until completed

Now my own personal take on this is: he shipped out July 20 so his 10th week from that date would be September 28th - October 2nd. If he has to report for MOS training on October 5th which would be that following Monday, then his graduation would be the weekend of October 2nd thru October 4th...right? That is how I take it...could be wrong, but I hope not. So we are going to start the official countdown....thought I had one before but I was wrong,could be wrong on this one ...oh well hope not

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Missing Jeramy :{

Today makes a week that I left my husband at the hotel. I am missing him today. I have come to realize that during the week, while I am working and cooking and playing with the kids I don't really think about it that much. But then when the night comes around and the kids are in bed, it bothers me. This weekend proved to be the same way. When I don't have anywhere to go, or anything to do, it gets to me. I really missed him today even though I got to talk to him on Friday. I know that he is going to call me sometime this next week when he gets to basic. So I am looking forward to that. Also he said on Friday that he wrote me a letter. I have been checking the mail like a little school girl who is waiting on her first letter from her boyfriend. lol I know that it will probably be here the first of this week, well I am hoping that it will be. I can't write him back yet because he isn't in basic so he doesn't know what his address is going to be. I have only written him three letters so far. I am really impressed with that. You all know me and know that I could write him every hour of every day. I wrote one on Wednesday, then I wrote one yesterday, and then I was missing him today so I wrote him another one. Just basically telling him how proud I am of him, and that what he is doing is amazing, and I can't wait to hold him and kiss him again. I tell him about things that have happened around here so that he can stay in touch with reality. Well mine and the kids reality. I was wearing his boxers today, nothing new, I have done that since day one, but Zoei looked at me and said you are wearing daddy's boxers, and I said yes. She said it was because I wanted some of daddy's love on my too cute. Zane told me the other day that he wanted his daddy back right now. and they both have said how much they miss him calling them stinky and playing with them. I make sure to tell him those things just so he knows how much of a "daddy" he is in their eyes. They love him so much, and I know that he knows that and feels the same way about them, I just want to make sure he knows how much they love him.
It's 11 on Sunday night. I have to go to work tomorrow and clean one house. Hopefully it will be worth my time. So for now Peace out!

Friday, July 24, 2009

July 24th

I GOT TO TALK TO MY HUSBAND, I GOT TO TALK TO MY HUSBAND!!! I am on cloud freakin 50 million right now. I can't tell you how good it felt to hear his voice. AMAZING!!! I just have to say thank you GOD! I needed that so much. It was good to hear his voice, it was all good news that he had to tell me. Well except for his graduation date being pushed back due to him still being in reception. They are waiting for enough people to come through to make a platoon. So that means that I won't get to see him until October, but that's ok. I GOT TO TALK TO MY HUSBAND!!! I can't tell you how big of a smile I got on my face when I heard that was him. The kids and I were at my moms house because my dad was putting new break pads on my car. Zoei loves to get other phones and call me. So I heard Jeramy's phone ringing and I said Zoei are you calling me....she said no. I looked at the phone and saw a 502 area code. Well I know that is Kentucky because of us looking up everything online. But I thought to myself there is no way that is him. It's probably some telemarketer. I said Hello, and this voice on the other end says Baby..... My heart skipped a beat, I said Jeramy Wilcox...hahahaha We only had 3 minutes to talk so he said I love you I love you I love you and then went on a speed talking ramble. After his ramble of everything he had to tell me I said I can't believe I am talking to you, I said I miss you so much, he said I miss you and the munchkins too... tell them I love them and miss them. I said I would and we said I love you again, and he said I have to go bye, and that was the end. He hung up. Basically no matter what he would of told me I would of still be on the cloud that I am on right now just from hearing his voice. But he said that we are going to get a lot more money per month... we are talking an extra $860 dollars a month.... THANK YOU JESUS!!!! Life is good and I am going to make it through this just fine......

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday....he has been gone since Monday

Yesterday was a good day. I thought I had gotten my mind around the world is not ending just because Jeramy is gone, until night time comes around. During the day I can keep my mind going and busy doing other things. But it seems like when the sun goes down, the kids are in bed, and I am laying all alone in our bed is when it hits me that he isn't around. I have realized that I can't sleep with him not here. It is the weirdest thing in the world. I stay up later and later every night, and then drag ass the next day. Yesterday I actually passed out in my bed for a couple of hours while my mom had the kids and I was here all alone. I did sleep until 10 this morning, but it was because I was up until after 2. Hopefully that will all change and I will be able to get back on schedule. Who knows, this could keep going until I get to see him again. Which brings me to my next point. At this moment in time there are only 56 days 6 hours 8 minutes and 20 seconds until I get to see him again.... seriously ridiculous I know, but I can't help myself hahahah !! It seems so far away. I know that the time will start picking up and going faster and faster, but we haven't gotten there yet.
I was cooking dinner tonight and put on lime wire. It has a whole library of songs we have stored there...I just let it play and so many songs were from Jeramy. In a weird way it was so comforting. He use to walk around the house singing those songs, or he would put them on and we would dance in the living room. Made me feel like he was here.... anyways it's 6, I'm gonna hang with the kids

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

one day in

I didn't even make in one full day without totally missing him. He called me yesterday and said that he was at the airport. Everything at MEPS went ok, and he was waiting for his fight at 8 last night. He said before we hung up that he didn't know if he would get to call me again before he got on the plane. So we said our goodbye's again. I really didn't expect to hear from him again. Anyways the day goes on and I cook dinner for the kids. I went to open something and couldn't get it. I always yell for Jeramy and he comes and opens it up for me. Well it started to come out, and I had to stop myself and realize that he isn't here to do that. The kids and I ate dinner, and about 745 I told the kids that I didn't' think that daddy would get to call again. Me thinking his flight leaves in 20 minutes, so there is no way. Then about 755 he calls me. It caught me so off guard, and I was so happy to hear his voice again. We only talked for a couple of minutes because he was using a pay phone and we didn't know how long it would last. He told me that he loved me and that he is going to miss me, and I said the same to him. He said to make sure to tell the kids that he loves them and is going to miss them to. I told him I would. And that was in. I was crying like a baby. Then I get over my crying spell and compose myself, and my sister calls. She said I want to ask if you are alright but I don't want you to start crying, well it was too late by that I told her she can't ask me that question right now, while the tears start flowing. So she really didn't know what to do with me so she just said we would talk later. Well I guess she called my mom because my phones started blowing up one minute is was my sister and the next it was my mom. I finally get myself together and call my mom. She said I wanna cry with you, and here the tears come again. I really don't want the kids to see me cry because their little lives have been through enough. They really didn't want daddy to go(in their words) so the last thing I want is for them to see me cry. ya know..... So after my third crying spell I was alright. Then I went to work this morning. Darla asked me if I was alright and here come the tears. I said you just can't ask me about it and we will be alright. I went to the bathroom and wiped the tears away and went back into the office. She told me where I was going for the day, and said I have to give you a hug. I said you hug me and I will start crying again, she did hug me and the tears started coming. Finished up the house I had to do today, and came home to my kiddos..... It's now 4 in the afternoon, and I have nothing else to do peace out

Monday, July 20, 2009

July 20,2009 Ship out day....

Yesterday before we went to the hotel, we stopped by my moms house. She was going to watch the kids for me because I was getting up at 3am to go see Jeramy, and she didn't want the kids to have to do that. So of course I got her to take one more picture of all of us. It had just started pouring down rain, so we got all wet, but I still love it!

Jeramy and I went to the hotel and he checked in. We went and got some cigs at the gas station. Then we just sat outside in the parking lot talking about any and everything. All topics under the sun we talked about. Then about 9 we went to Jack in the box. We sat inside drinking milkshakes talking some more. He went with me to get gas, and then we went back to the hotel parking lot. About 945 we decided that he should go in and meet his roommate for the night. I said I was going to go home and try and get some sleep. We said our good-bye's, and I drove home. He called me about 1045 just to make sure I made it home alright and to tell me that he loves me. I tried to go to sleep, but I didn't really. I just kept thinking about everything going on, and my mind was just going on and on and on..... The alarm actually woke me up at 315 so I know that I feel asleep for at least a couple hours. I got up and got ready, went to whataburger to get him breakfast for the last time and then was on my merry way. This morning was HARD! On the way there all I could think about was that was the last time I was going to see him until September. He called me about 405 to see how far away I was. I got up there about 415. Waited on him for a little while to come out. He had to turn in his meal ticket and then he could come outside. He came out and we sat in the car and ate breakfast together. Weird eating breakfast at 4 in the morning, but that is a different story lol.... so we talked and he just held my hand. I teared up a couple of times, but I batted them away. I didn't want him to really worry about me ya know. He didn't sleep that well last night, and was anxious and excited and nervous, the whole realm of feelings and emotions. I thought the last thing he needs to worry about is me crying. I did cry on the way home for a little bit. I am sure I will have my good moments and bad ones. Right now I am in the get through this mode. I know that this is what we have to go through to get to where we want to be, so let's do this....... now tomorrow I will be crying my eyes out saying all I want is my husband! lol emotional roller coaster I am on for sure

Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 18,2009 Jeramy's going away party

Last night July 18th we had Jeramy's going away party.

Here we are towards the end of the night. This is right before my mom took the kids and left. One of our last family pictures...for awhile at least

My mom gets to drinking and wants to smoke with us... He is my drunk husband and my tipsy mother smoking..hahha LOVE THIS PIC

Here we are out in the back yard. Stephanie, Shannon, Tony, my mom and dad
Here is Micah eatin some ice... this piece was so big.. his little hand was so cold
My dad sister and brother in law Tyler
Sitting around the table drinking and bullshittin... good times!
My mom Jeramy his aunt Angie Uncle Michael and you can see Patty's red shorts
Love this picture. Zane was helping daddy put a towel rack in the bathroom
My stunner Daughter Zoei Nicole on the way to the party
My chill Zane Nathaniel on the way, He always has a gun!
Daddy proving how strong he is... picked them both up!
Special thanks to Tabitha and Tom for letting all of us come over and party at their house. They went through a lot to get the house ready for everyone. It looked really good too!
Thanks to everyone who came over. It meant a lot to Jeramy and I to see each and every one of ya'll. Really shows who our true friends are and I thank you for taking the time to make him feel special for one night. He is fixin to start on this whole new chapter in his life, and it meant so much to him to know that he has so many people cheering him on. It's going to make it easier knowing that so many people love and care about him. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!!

Left my husband at the hotel

I just left my husband at the hotel. At this moment in time I am really not that sad. We talked about this and we came up with the reason I'm not ballin my eyes out right now is because I left knowing that I will see him at 4 in the morning. There will be one more time that I get to see him. Tomorrow will be a different story though. I know it will be. When he gets on the bus it will be 9 weeks until I see him again. So sad! For me it is.... he is my best friend, my compainion, my other half, and without him here, it is going to be so weird. Everyday I come home and we talk about our days, I get random phone calls from him just bullshittin, I get calls from him asking when I am going to be home and then I walk in the door and he is cooking us dinner. I am going to miss all of that...truly miss it.
I know that this is just a "season". I know that we have to get through this to get to the next chapter in our lives together, but I just wish we could do it without him having to leave for so long. Growing time in my life for sure.... Going to hit the sack,it's 11 and I have to get up at 3am.... excited that I get to see him one more time tomorrow, but going to be sad watching him leave.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 16th 2009

I am going to miss the shit out of my sexy ass husband!

This is what we did last night. No we weren't dressed up in our wedding clothes or anything like that.

We went to the movies with the kids and saw the new harry potter. Then we came back home and started talking. Zoei and I were laying on the couch together and Jeramy put on some music... sappy slow lovey dovey songs. First he danced with Zoei, then she ran off into my room to watch t.v. with Zane. Jeramy put on Endless Love by Luther Vandross and we started dancing. The biggest tears came to my eyes as it hit me that there will be no more dancing in the living room. So he just let me put my head on his chest and we danced in our living room. I am going to miss those little moments with him. Where it's just him and I in our little world. My sister wrote me an email and she said it best. She said that I feel like my heart is going with him. SO TRUE!!! I feel like my heart and soul are going with him.
It's Thursday and I can't believe we are this close. He had to report to his Sargent's office at 9 this morning. Basically a make up drill since they planned it for this weekend and he is shipping out, and to go over everything that is going to happen to him in the next couple of weeks.
I am just sad. I have been trying to think of a word to describe where I am at right now, and I'm just sad. My head, heart, soul.....they are all just sad. My head isn't in the game at work, I am just going through the motions. People want me to go out, and I just want to sit at home. Even if it is just starring at him while plays his game, I just want to be around him.....

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Umm are you serious part 2

I can't believe this crap... At first I wasn't going to put it out there, I just let the other blog as a draft so that I could get my thoughts out but didn't embarrass her. But now I really don't give a crap. She told Darla yesterday that she had to be with Aiden all the time. That she wasn't allowed to leave the baby with her sister, because her sister wasn't allowed to be in the same room alone with him. So Darla told her to bring the cleaning stuff up to the office this morning. Tabitha gets there and I guess she tried to unload everything and get out of there before Darla showed up. It didn't happen. Darla pulled in as Tabitha was pulling out and Tabitha didn't even have the kid with her..... ARE YOU SERIOUS??? What about having to watch him all the time and not being able to leave the kid with anyone. What about not being able to finish your job today because you didn't have a sitter..... WHO IN THE HELL DID SHE LEAVE THE KID WITH THIS MORNING????? HUH???? I think it is all a cop out because she doesn't want to work. She got so use to Carl doing all the working that she just wants to sit on her ass all day long. She would rather do that and then bitch to Carl about not being able to pay bills and not having enough money rather then step up and help him out. He works 40 hours a week and that still isn't enough for her. She wants him working 50 or 60 hours a week so that they can have money, but then she will bitch about how her husband is married to his job, and she doesn't get to see him. I am really embarrassed that she is my friend right now. I can't believe that she would straight out lie about everything, and think it is no big deal and tell my boss to mind her own business......... HELLO you work for the lady, you spend over an hour on the phone with her last night telling her all about it, but the next day you want to say mind your own business... SERIOUSLY!!!! I am beyond pissed off right now. This is why you don't get friends jobs.... because you see them for who they really are instead of this front they put on for everyone else. Fuck that

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ummm are you serious?

So today Tabitha quit her job. Let me back up and tell you the story. A couple of months ago when I got this job she was still working for her old boss cleaning houses. We agreed that if her job was better then I would come and work for her, and if mine was better then she would come and work with me. After the first week she decided to come and work with me. Darla my boss asked me what I thought about this girl named Tabitha that was calling her about a job. I told her that I had known her for 13 years. She asked if she would be dependable and would do a good job. I told her that I thought she would. Basically sticking my neck out on a limb being I had only been at this job for a week. So she gets hired and she starts working. Her sister Tiffany moved in with her a couple of weeks ago and has had I guess this on going thing with her mom about her son. So CPS gets involved and Tabitha gets appointed "temporary custody" of the kid. So she doesn't call Darla and tell her over the phone that she has to quit, she sends her a text message. How shitty is that first of all. Second of all she left a job today, she was suppose to be cleaning two apts in weatherford but left to go deal with her sister and the kid and everything. She told the people in the apt that she would be back tomorrow. Well she told Darla that she isn't going in tomorrow to finish the apts. Basically Darla can lose the apts for her not going in because we are so busy she can't send someone out to weatherford. I think it's bull shit how she talks about how Tina quitting makes her look bad because she went out on a limb for her, but yet she doesn't see how that same situation is going on between us. Hello!!! I am mad and don't think she went about the whole situation the right way. Maybe I am wrong, but I think she could find someone to watch the kid for a few hours tomorrow to finish up what she started....... it's bull crap!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just bloggin

You might get tired of me bloggin about the same shit, but it's my blog and if you don't like it....oh well!
Reality, Reality,'s a bitch sometimes! Jeramy leaving is breaking my heart. So I try really hard not to think about it, though that never happens...but I try. I went swimming today with my mom sister and the kids. While we were there something got brought up about Jeramy leaving, or when he was leaving by my mom or my sister...something along those lines. I said we can't talk about it because it breaks my heart. So we went on to another subject. Ashley's friend Jessica came to the pool with her daughter. Without her knowing how sore of a subject that was, she asked me when he was leaving......I CAN'T STAND IT!!! Everywhere I look there is something about the army, or active duty, or whatever they can come up with. I know that I notice it more because we are only 9 days away from him leaving, but damn, a girl can only take so much. Jeramy and I were talking last night about it because it is the subject of our lives right now. He asked me if I was alright about the whole situation, and big ol tears came up in my eyes. I said I could cry right now if I let myself, he said well don't do that...hahhahaha I know that he knows how much I am struggling with it, but I try not to make it obvious. I know that he is stressing and is nervous about it, the last thing he needs is for me to be a bigger burden on him. I did hear him tell someone the other day about how he hates having to leave his wife and kids. I would of bursted into tears if I would of let myself. But I didn't. I know that I am going to be the biggest basket case on Monday morning at 4am. That is when he leaves on the bus... the kids and I are going to get a hotel room Sunday in the same hotel that he is staying. So I will be downstairs to hug and kiss him one more time and to see him off on the ol man.... really don't want to see him go

July 9th and 10th

Here are more pictures from the last couple of days. Zoei decided to take pictures of Jeramy and I while we were watching T.V. Well I was watching T.V. Jeramy was laying on me.... Love those moments!
July 9,2009

Yesterday Zane decided to ambush me with all of his millions of guns. So Jeramy said, oh so he wants to play, then it's on! lol Here is daddy getting ready to ambush the kids.... the sad thing about it is, this isn't even half of Zane's guns!

July 10,2009

I can't not tell you how fun it was listening to them play with daddy! Watching them have so much fun with him and the smiles on their faces are just to die for! They are really going to miss him while he is gone.

These times mean so much to them, and so much to me too. I love these three people more than life itself, don't know what I would do without them! Can't imagine my life without the smiles of Zoei, Zane and Jeramy!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

~Our last days with Jeramy~

Call me weird if you want to but I am taking pictures of the last days we have with Jeramy. Here we are on July 4th getting ready to go see fireworks.

I really can't believe that this day is only 11 days away. It was so far away back in March he was sworn into the army national guard. We thought we had all the time in the world.

Here he is with Zoei watching TV on July 5th

I find myself wondering what in the hell I am going to do without him around. We were talking last night and he said,"baby you have all of your other friends." I said to him, "yes, but they are not you." He said they are all your best girl friends and will get you through this." I said, " yes, but they are not you." All of my girlfriends will be there and I know that I can go sit at any of their houses with Zane and Zoei and hang out.

Here he is cooking us dinner~ making steaks on July 6th

It's just Jeramy is my best friend in the whole world. Those of you who are married or have that special someone in your life know what I am talking about. Jeramy is my right hand man, my other half, he completes me. I feel lost just at the thought of him not being here for that long.

Here he is playing his game July 7th

Will I make it though all of this, yes. Will it make us stronger, yes. I think it's just going to be a shock to the system for the first week or so. Then the kids and I will get into a routine of them going to daycare, and me working. Then coming home and making dinner. I will pretty much have my mind going all the time during the day and once I get home. But when I put the kids to bed, and I am all alone in our bed, my mind is going to wonder. Oh well, what can I do. I have been saying all along that it is the reality or our situation, and now the reality is right in front of our faces. I can tell Jeramy is getting excited but nervous about the whole thing. He is ready to get started on everything, but nervous about the unknown. I would be too. Going to a different state not knowing anyone or having any familiar surroundings....makes me nervous for him just thinking about it.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4th, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!!
This is the last holiday that we will have with my husband:
Well I don't mean the last ever~ and in all honesty he will be back for the ones to come, except Halloween. But this is the last one that we will have with him being here for awhile. I can't believe that in 16 he is leaving..... so sad! Well for me it is. Jeramy is my best friend... he knows me better than I know myself sometimes. I don't know what I am going to do without my right hand man around, well left hand in Jeramy's case lol. I will blog more later. It's the 4th of July and we are going to go take the kids to see fireworks....super pumped about that!

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