Saturday, May 22, 2010

ups downs highs lows

WOW~ I think I am to the point now where all I can do is laugh and say thank you GOD! These past two weeks have truly been a roller coaster of emotions. From the highest of highs to thinking damn it, is this really happening? I went to the dr and was too inpatient to stop and get gas before I got there so of course when I came out the car wouldn't start. Had to walk waddle my butt to the gas station, solved that problem. Two or three days later I have Daegan with me and we are on our way to pick up the kids from school. Well they are doing construction by my house so I run over a piece of metal and get a flat tire. I have a screaming baby and a flat tire....Thank God my mom went and got the kids and tyler and Jeramy changed my tire. So we had to spend money on getting new tires, during this time the registration went out and the insurance needed to be re-newed so we had to pay for that. Our a/c has a slow leak in it so my dad put coolant in it which cost money. Then Thursday after I picked up Jeramy from work and dropped off Daegan we are going down 287 and the transmission decides it's not going to go anymore. So currently Rexie (the name the kids gave the expedition) is at the shop. They are going to send it to a transmission shop and get it fixed and also fix the a/c while they have it. Thank GOD above that Jeramy found a job before all of this happened. Even though it sucks, and is a pain in not only my ass but my moms too because she is going to share a car with me, it will all work out. The place we are buying the car from will only ask for a % up front to fix it, and then the remainder of the balance they add on to your payments. THANK GOD we don't have to come up with 3000 dollars out of our pocket.
Things like this happen to remind us to be humble right? To remind us to be thankful for the things we do have in our lives?  I am thankful that Jeramy has a job, I am thankful that all four of us have our health and little Miss Zeelynn is growing like crazy inside me, we have a place to live, food on the table, water electricity......and a GOD that loves us no matter what. All of this other crap is just a bump in the road and it too shall pass. When we make it to the other side of it all we will be stronger because of it. Just another one of those tests in life, and we will pass!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Missing child

Tonight I experienced a panic that I never hope to experience again. My daughter was missing. She knew where she was, but I didn't. We got home from picking up Jeramy from work. She asked him like always to get her bike out so she could ride it. Nothing out of the norm, she does it every day. She usually rides up and down the street with a little boy named Marco. Yesterday she asked me if she could go to Marco's friends house with him. I of course said no because I had no idea who the friend was or where they lived. Anyways she was riding her bike and I saw her a couple of times going up and down the street. Well I started cooking dinner and about 20 minutes before dinner was ready I thought to myself, I haven't seen Zoei in a little bit. Usually no big deal because she plays with all the little kids right her by my house. I went out side and didn't see her at any of the houses. I asked Zane to go check just to make sure. Well she wasn't at any of the houses that she normally is at. I started to panic. I got in the car with Zane and we drove the whole neighborhood, never saw her or her bike. We came back home to make sure she hadn't come home while I was driving. I told Jeramy what was going on and he started to panic. He gets in the car to go drive and Zane and I start walking the streets. The little girls that she usually plays with started helping us look for her. I had checked everyone's house everyone's yard no sign of her. Zane and I were walking back to the house when I saw Jeramy in the car talking to a man. As I walked closer I saw Zoei putting her bike in the driveway. The panic I felt automatically turns into tears of joy that she is alright and some crazy person doesn't have her.  The man that Jeramy was talking to was the little boy's dad. It had started raining and he didn't want her riding her bike in the rain so he brought her home....Come to find out she was at Marco's friends house, the house that I told her she couldn't go to, and she lied to those parents because they asked her, do your parents know you are here and she said yes. Needless to say she is grounded. There will be no riding her bike, no playing outside with her friends, nothing...she can see the inside of the house and that is it! Scared, oh I was so scared......Thank God she is alright, Thank God no crazy person had her, Thank God she will live another day. You hear all the stories on the news about the things people do to little kids and I just kept thinking this can't be happening to me, there is no way this is really happening. So glad she is laying her little butt in bed right now!

Monday, May 10, 2010


THANK THE LORD JERAMY GOT A JOB TODAY!!!! As you all know we have been on a search since he came back from active duty Feb.24th. We were both totally naive about the job hunt. Then the military set up a program to help soliders find jobs. God led us there and it is through that program that we can now say he has a job. They helped him get his resume perfect, they did mock interviews and told him what he was doing right and wrong, everything he needed they were there for him. I kept telling everyone with all the work he was putting into all of this, and the people he was meeting, something good had to come out of it. I tried so hard to remember that God's timing is perfect in every situation, my stressing and worrying was doing nothing but causing myself grief. We knew that we were ok for the time being due to the unemployment he was getting from his time in the army, but had no clue as to what we were going to do after that. The money eventually runs out ya know....
He was suppose to go into the interview tomorrow morning but the lady called and said that she thought all the positions were going to be filled by the end of the day and wanted him to come in this morning. As we were pulling into the parking lot another lady from the same company called him wanting him to come in as well. I told Jeramy that it had to be a sign. You know how you brain storm and try and think of all the ins and outs but you really never know. What we came up with on the way over there as far as the pay and hours go were WAY OFF!!! We were debating on taking this job for the time being and then him going to the oil and gas company because we thought it would pay a lot more. But in doing that there was a possibility of us having to move. But now that he has been hired on and the money is more than twice we thought it would be, that oil and gas company isn't even an option anymore. He is still going to go take his test for the ft. worth Fire Dept. tomorrow because in all honesty that is what he truly wants to do. It feels so good knowing that he has a job right now. It feels so good knowing that he can follow this dream of becoming a fireman and no matter if it becomes a reality and takes 6 months to start, or if it doesn't come through, he has a JOB no matter what. Blessed, Humbled, in awe of what our God can do for us. HE never fails us, NEVER!!! God's timing is perfect in our lives. Just when we think we can't take anymore, or can't handle whatever situation is going on, HE comes through....Truly thankful!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Thought this was pretty cool

I saw this and thought it was pretty cool. It's goals or steps on how to live as a single parent. In my case I'm not a single parent, I have the privilege of raising Zane and Zoei with Jeramy who in my mind and in their mind is their daddy. But I think it applies to raising kids in general. Maybe not the holding onto grudges part but the rest of it is so true. Making the most out of what you have, being the best parent you can be, taking responsibility for your life today all of this applies to us whom have children:

1 - Forgive even if you will never be able to Forget -Let go of grudges you may hold against your child’s other parent, who is absent from BOTH of your lives. Holding onto feelings of anger will not change your situation and will probably consume a great deal of your energy - energy you need to devote to creating a positive environment for your child. If you dwell on your disappointment with and/or dislike of the father or mother of your child - chances are your child will sense your feelings and suffer in some way from your negative attitude.

2 - Make the most of everything you have -Even if you do not have a lot of money, you do have your child and your love and your time to give to him or her. Try to remember that monetary wealth and material possessions are not the most important items in your child’s life. Your love, support and time together mean much more to them. You can have fun for free. Activities like - going for a walk or a bike ride, playing at the park, coloring, painting, singing, or dancing - will thrill your child just as much as spending money to go to an amusement park, an arcade or a toy store.

3 - Be the best parent you can possibly be -Give as much as you can without setting goals that are unrealistic for one parent to achieve. Don’t beat yourself up for what cannot be. Do recognize what you can do to create a good life for your child to the best of your abilities.

4 - Develop a network of reliable resources - Families are not biological. Surround yourself and your child with friends you know and trust - people who care about both of you. "Aunts" and "Uncles" and even "Grandparents," who are not blood-related can be just as beneficial to your child as actual biological family members. The "family" you create for your child can provide him or her with the same kind of love and support as a traditional family. They can also help you with your responsibilities as a single parent. Let them play an active role in your child’s life. Learn to turn to your "family" when you need a break. Nobody should have to go it alone and you will probably be able to be a better parent by relying on your "family" of close friends to support you and your child.

5 - Take responsibility for your life today -Remember whatever lead you to where you are today, you are responsible for another life - the innocent life of a child, who didn’t ask to be born. Your child is not responsible for the experiences or events that made you become a single parent. Your child is completely dependent upon you through no choice of their own. Don’t let them down or hold them accountable for your actions (or the actions of their absent parent). They are powerless and vulnerable to the possibly less-than-ideal consequences they face as the child of a single parent. Your role and influence in their life is paramount to their chances of becoming a happy, productive, successful adult. They need you more than their words will ever tell.

6 - Set up daily rituals and regular routines -Your child needs stability and security. One way to provide this is by developing a daily routine. Simple things like - going to the park every Sunday afternoon, eating dinner together each night, sharing a treat before nap time or reading a book together before bed every night, will become activities that your child looks forward to and can count on to occur with regularity.

7 - Be consistent and dependable -Create realistic rules and a standard of discipline that you stick to all the time. If you’re consistent with your child, he or she will learn what is acceptable behavior and what is not. They will also learn what you expect from them and what they can expect from you. If you’re dependable, they will know that they can always count on you to help them with their homework, be there for dinner or tuck them in bed at night. They have to be able to depend on you. You’re the most important person in their life. Try to remember that no matter how tired you are at the end of the day or how frustrated you may become when they’re fussy - They need you to be there for them. You should cherish every moment with your child - they are the best blessings on earth

Thursday, May 6, 2010

blood pressure update

 I went back to the dr this morning for him to re-check my blood pressure and today it was just fine!!! WHOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!! Yesterday it was 143/88 and today it was 130/78. So glad that it is back to normal! I still have to go in next week for them to check it again just to be on the safe side. He gave me an Rx for my headaches and told me to take one every six hours for a week. Hopefully they do the trick and work. I usually don't take anything for the headaches because they come on so fast and then leave so fast that by the time I actually took something for it, it would of been gone. Anyways I stressed so hard over the blood pressure thing yesterday, I was about to drive myself crazy! It's not like I have a very active lifestyle, it's not like I pour salt on my food...there was simply no reason for it to be high. Just glad it's back to normal and I don't really have to worry about it anymore.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My adventure with running out of gas after I was told my blood pressure is high

So today was an interesting day to say the least. I got up this morning and got the kids up and ready for school. I got ready while they were getting ready because I had a dr appt. this morning. Took the kids to school and as I was pulling out I noticed that the gas light was on. Obviously it had been on longer than when I noticed it but I just thought I will go to my dr appt and then I will stop on the way home. My dr office is connected to the medical center of arlington so there is a QT right there across the street on Matlock. I pull into a parking spot and go into my appt. Come out and try and start my car and it won't start. Because my dumb ass was too inpatient to stop and get gas before and I was parked on an incline so the gas was going to opposite way I needed it to. I tried to call my mom because she is on vacation this week, but she was still laying in bed sleeping. I called Jeramy but there was nothing that he could do. He had Daegan and we only have one car. I sat there for about five minutes and then decided I would walk waddle to the gas station buy a gas can get some gas and walk waddle my way back to the car. Just picture this, a five month pregnant woman walking down matlock with a gas can....UGH!! Anyways I put gas in the car and it started right up. All of this happened by 9:30AM.
 While I was in my dr appt they took my blood pressure and it was high. I don't know what the bottom number was because when she said that it was high it caught me totally off guard, but the top number was 143. I told him about the flurries that I have been seeing in my eyes, my feet already starting to swell, the headaches I get that come out of no where but only last 5-10 minutes, and the fact that sometimes I feel like my heart is going to beat out of my chest. All of which are blood pressure related. I have to go back tomorrow for them to re-check it. They say don't worry about it, I'm sure it's going to be fine and back to normal tomorrow, but you know even though they say don't worry about it, it's all I think about. I don't want this to be the start of something major or something that requires me to go on bed rest or even worse be laid up in the hospital till I'm ready to deliver...... 
Anyways with a day like I have had, I am taking my pregnant ass to bed. GOOD NIGHT!! 

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