Wednesday, July 21, 2010

houtson and galveston

This past weekend Jeramy had to go back to Houston to do his army drills. The last time we went was back in April of this year and it was just him and I because we really didn't know what to expect. We didn't go in May because the transmission went out in our car, and they didn't have drills in July. So this was our first time back. Needless to say it was not any less crazy. The first time we went the Sgt. didn't give Jeramy the address of the hotel, just the name of it. (for your information there are about 6 hotels within a 5 block radius that all have extended stay somewhere in the name) Anyways the first time we were there we spent an hour going from hotel to hotel trying to find out which one was the right one. We found it and ended up being in a room by ourselves. Some of the guys told him that the hotel that we stayed at was the one that they always stayed at. So this time we thought we were good. We packed up everything and loaded into the car and we were off to Houston. Took us about 4 hours to get there and we went to the same hotel that we went to last time. Walk in only to find out that it wasn't the one that they were staying at this time. We thought are you serious??? We really have to go through this again. The female Sgt. is ..... probably shouldn't say anything I guess we will just keep it at she doesn't handle her responsibilities very well. After calling a few sgt. we finally get a hold of someone and he tells us that they changed hotels this time...wouldn't of that been some helpful information for you to tell us before we got down there??? Come to find out some Female sgt.'s were complaining about the rooms last time so they upgraded everyone to the Holiday Inn. We get there and check in go up to the room only to find out they had put him in with another guy. So the hunt was on for another hotel room. We couldn't invade that other guy with four people LOL. We went downstairs to see how much a room would cost for the night and he said $129.99 Now there is no way in hell I am going to pay 130 dollars to sleep in a bed. Sorry just not me. We left and went to a couple of more hotels and they were 120 and 107 even with a military discount. UMMMM NO ~ Finally we saw a best western and went in there. There cost with the military discount was 60 bucks a night.... I can handle that. I won't pay 130, too expensive and I won't pay 40 because you start thinking what kind of place is 60 was a good middle number. Saturday morning I got up and took Jeramy to the base because after all the searching and crap it was 9pm before we even got into the hotel and I wasn't about to go to the grocery store after being in the car for so long. Took Jeramy to the base and went grocery shopping. Came back to the hotel and the kids and I were at the pool by 11 in the morning. We swam for a couple of hours and then went back into the room because we were all hungry. Stayed in there maybe an hour or so and then Zoei asked if we could go swimming again and I of course said yes. Back at the pool we were until 3:45. Jeramy called me and I went and picked him up. We just chilled in the room all night and we were all passed out by 11. Got up the next morning and took Jeramy back to the base. Told him that I was going to take the kids to Galveston. He basically said 45 runs into the ocean and it was only 30 miles away. The kids and I packed up the car, checked out of the hotel, filled up the car with gas and off to Galveston we went. I was kind of nervous because I am such a visual person. Any time I drove to Kentucky or Virginia to see Jeramy while was active duty, I googled it and got a good visual picture of where I was suppose to go. This time around I just knew to get on 45 and go south and eventually I would find the ocean LOL. It rained on us driving down there but I thought if we just get on the other side of this storm then we will be alright. Sure enough by the time we got to Galveston it wasn't raining anymore. We parked and got out and went down to the water. It was kind of surreal. As a kid we went there so many times, so it was kind of crazy being back but only this time I was the adult and I was taking my kids there. After about 20 minutes of being in the water it comes a down pour. The kids and I got out of the water and went and sat in the car. It only poured for maybe 5 or 10 minutes and then it was just a little sprinkle. So we went back in the water. A little while later it started raining again but we didn't get out that time. No one else even got out the first time, so we just kept on swimming. I taught the kids how to ride the waves in with their belly. We kept going further and further out and eventually we saw a jelly fish. That was my clue to leave. It was time anyways because we had to make it back to Houston before Jeramy got released from drills. We stopped at a gas station and got drinks and snacks then got back on the road. We were exiting the st when Jeramy called saying he was done. (perfect timing) We picked him up and then got back on 45 and headed north. Made it about half way home and I had to pee...of course. We stopped and Jeramy drove from there. 
All and all it was a fun trip. I am so thankful that I get to do these things with the kids. I love making memories with two of my favorite people in the world.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Nesting bug is in full effect. I feel like there is so much stuff we need to do, but haven't done... when in all honesty all we need is diapers. We got a bunch of clothes and the bassinet from my neighbor, and I am going to breast feed so she could come right now and everything would be alright. No we wouldn't have all the little odds and ends that you need and I wouldn't have the crib or bedding that I want but you get what I'm saying. We have to go to my grandmaw's house and get the bunk beds that are in her garage and bring them to our house, we have to move a dresser and an armoire that need to flip flop rooms. We need to get the crib from Lindy and set it up in the girls room. I just can't wait for the girls room to look like a Girly Girls room with all the pink and dots and their names hanging from the wall and for Zane's room to look like my little soldiers room. I'm an instant gratification kind of girl and HATE waiting. But in order to get all of this done I have to learn how to wait because I can't do it without Jeramy who is currently taking a nap in our bed. (i'm starting to think he is pregnant LOL) He has no desire to do it today, and next weekend we are going to be in Houston doing the army thing. So we agreed that we would do it the following weekend. That way we can have most of it done before the baby shower. I told Jeramy that we are going to get so much stuff and I want to be able to come home and continue the nesting process and put it all away LOL. Then the last month before she actually gets here we can get the things that we need and didn't get at the baby shower. I'm so excited to meet this little girl. I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to be bringing a little baby girl into this world with everything in place. With Zane my ex husband and I did have our own apt, but he had no job so a month after Zane was born we were homeless living in a motel off of division st. With Zoei my ex husband was living in our car in the waffle house parking lot and Zane and I were living with my parents. Nothing was ever in place or ready, but with Miss Zeelynn everything is perfect. She has a mom who can't wait to see who has been kicking the crap out of her, to smell her little breath, she has a brother who can't wait to meet his new sister. Even though he says she is going to be a butt head like Zoei, he tells me all the time he can't wait till she is here. She has a sister who can't wait to play dress up with her, to feed her, to change her, to be her little mini momma. And last but not least she has a dad who is so in love with a daughter he has never met. A dad who is more than willing to go out of his way to provide for his kids and wife. I can't tell you how much respect I have for that man.... He is just amazing. So here's to hoping the next few weeks go by really really fast and everything falls into place like it should so that I can get this nesting going!

Friday, July 2, 2010

memory lane

So I've been taking a trip down memory lane today. I guess the fact that it's almost July 4th, the fact that we are going to Houston to do his drills in two weeks and Jeramy got a call from his Sgt. saying they might get called up the whole army thing has been on my mind. Just made me start thinking of the journey we have been on since he joined the Army. It was so hard him being gone from July 09- till Feb. 2010, but him and I both knew it was for the best. He was stepping out in faith and taking a journey. A journey to grow not only as a man, but better himself in every aspect of our lives. Proud doesn't even come close to what I feel or think when his name is mentioned. Honored to be his wife, honored to be the mother of his kids. Honored to be married to a man who is brave enough to put his life on the line for every other human being, honored to see this man go out of his way to take care of his family.... Love Love Love me some Big Daddy J! He truly is my soul mate and I can't imagine my life without him. As I get to celebrate this July 4th with him by my side I am reminded of all of the people who don't get to because either their loved one is deployed, or is in Heaven. Blessed, I truly am blessed!

American Soldier- Toby Keith (tribute)

I'm proud to be an American - American Soldier Tribute

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