Monday, September 20, 2010

Zeelynn's birth story

I am on cloud 9 right now. It's our second night at home with Zeelynn. Zane is spending the night at Marco's house, Jeramy is playing his game, Zoei is laying in my bed watching TV (probably asleep by now), Zeelynn is sleeping in her crib and here I sit on this computer. What should I be doing? I should be sleeping while Zeelynn is, but I'm so excited about life right now I can't calm myself LOL Wanna here her birth story? 
I was scheduled to be induced Wednesday morning at 7am.But I had to call at 6 to make sure there was a room for me. I called and they said they were really busy so for me to call back at 7. I thought well I have an hour so I'll take a hot bath. Jeramy comes in there about 15 minutes later and says you know we are going to be late? So I told him about the conversation I had and he said she had called back and to come on it. We get to the hospital about 7:30, it was raining cats and dogs to it took a little longer. By the time I get in my room undressed, they check everything they needed to check, and started the meds it was 8:30. Not longer after that my dr came in and checked me and broke my water. He said I was 3cm dilated and he would check me in a little bit. By 10:30 I had already gotten my epidural. The nurse Lauren checked me again at 11:30 and I was 6cm. She started saying if we have this baby by lunch you can eat, I was like hell yeah! You know how you can't have anything to eat after midnight which is just cruel for a pregnant woman LOL.  So I called my mom and she went and got the kids. Her my dad, my sister and nephew came up to the hospital and we were just sitting in the room talking and bullshittin like we usually do. At about 2:30 my sister and mom were going to leave, take the kids to my parents house and then go to hobby lobby. I gave everyone kisses and hugs because we thought we were going to be there for awhile longer. Lauren came in and said I need to check you. Everyone went out in the waiting area just to hear the news before they left. She checked me and I was 10. Jeramy was on the phone with his mom trying to tell her how to get into the room. I was like um baby, she can't come in here he asked why? I said cuz I'm a ten and we are going to start pushing. His eyes got so big and said mom, you aren't going to be able to come in here cuz she is about to start pushing. Jeramy went out and got my mom and she came in and I told her that I was a 10 and I was going to push. She said I guess we aren't going anywhere LOL Lauren got everything set up in the room and said we are going to do some trial pushes. She told me when I was having a contraction and I pushed, she said ok stop pushing your baby is crowning. I had to lay there with my legs together and not push. Thank God for epidurals cuz I couldn't feel a thing. My dr comes in and gets ready and tells me when my next contraction was coming. You know when you have a contraction you push three times through it. Well I pushed once, then twice, and with the third push she was out. Jeramy happened to look down while her head was coming out and he just closed his eyes and looked up , the nurse said dad, are you alright? LMAO! So Miss Zeelynn Nautica made her grand arrival at 2:51pm on September 8,2010. She weighted 7lbs 2oz and was 20 inches long. Just precious...there isn't a word to describe how you feel when you finally get to lay eyes on this baby that has been inside you for 9 months. Just amazing. A Miracle and gift from God above.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Night before Zeelynn's birth

I honestly can't believe that tomorrow is the day...Seems like I have been pregnant for so long, but then again it feels just like yesterday that I was checking the test to make sure I really was seeing two lines.Tomorrow she will be here: TOMORROW SHE WILL BE HERE!!! Am I ready? Do I really know what I am getting myself into? Of course I'm ready and know what I am getting myself into, but with it being 7 years since I've done this I am wondering....You remember some of the pain, but your body blocks out a lot of it. Why do you think women have multiple children. If there were no such thing as an epidural I don't know if I would of ever done it again LOL Hats off to the women that can do it without drugs, but I am not that woman. I find myself trying to rack my brain, trying to remember all the little things. I am so excited, nervous, anxious, happy, blessed...any and all emotions I am feeling right now. I am doing the last load of laundry right now so that I can pack my bag. LMAO Nothing like putting it off till the last minute huh? There really isn't a lot that you need to bring cuz the hospital has most of it. I'm just bringing clothes to come home in shampoo tooth brush the necessities, bringing 15 outfits for Zeelynn and bows galore LOL Oh and Jeramy's clothes for work on Thursday. Anyways it's 10:15, I'm going to go finish up what I need to get done and then I'm going to jump my husbands bones for the last time for a few weeks LMAO, Yes I did just say that! 

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