Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

video Decmeber 21, 2010

Zeelynn Nautica, Zoei Nicole and Daegan Michael  December 21 , 2010

It's begining to feel like Christmas

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas! Yesterday December 21 it was 85 degrees here in Texas. Really hard to get in the Christmas spirit when you are wearing shorts and flip flops. Went to bed last night with all the windows open and woke up this morning freezing my ass off. Only in Texas will it be 85 one day and 45 the next. Fine by me though, I'm ready for it to get cold and stay that way for awhile. Of course I will be ready for it to be warm in a few months, typical person never satisified. Life is all wonderful here in the Wilcox house. Zane and Zoei are out of school for the next two weeks. So that means my days are filled with a 9 year old,7 year old,1 year old and 3 month old.... Needless to say it's pretty fun. Now don't get me wrong there are times when I wish they would all go outside and not come back in until dark, there are times when I just have to go sit outside for a minute to calm my nerves, but in all honesty I wouldn't have it any other way. Jeramy has been working his ass off. He's still considered a temp so he has been going above and beyond what they ask of him. Going in two hours early, staying as late as they need him to. Then he comes home and watches the kids so I can have 20 minutes of peace. Even though I am going to the grocery store, it's being able to get out of the house for one, and also being able to hear myself think LOL. Little miss Z is wonderful. Can't tell you how much of an easy baby she is. After my two experiences with babies I never thought it could really be this easy. There are a lot of things different in my life this time around. NO DRAMA, no moving every other month, no crazy people in and out of my life. I am settled, my first two kids are thriving, I'm married to my soul mate, a real man, a man who does what he is suppose to as far as being a good husband and being a DAMN good father. She is just so easy going, chill and goes with the flow. She is the best sleeper out of all of my kids. Zane and Zoei didn't sleep by themselves all night long untl they were 1 and 3, Zeelynn has been doing it since she was 6 weeks old. At that age she was going to sleep by 11 or 12 and sleeping till 5 or 6. Now she goes to bed by 10:30 and sleeps till 7.... I finally get to sleep in the same bed with Jeramy again. I could of started doing it alot sooner but I was kinda weirded out by her sleeping all by herself on the other side of the house. Scared I wouldn't hear her crying, but don't have to worry about that anymore. Have to admit after not sleeping in the same bed with him for 3 months the first few nights were crazy... He was flipping over on me, because we were both use to sleeping in the middle of the bed again, the heat coming off of his body was just crazy.... but I'm use to it again. Only took a week to get back in the swing of things. Let's see what else is going on. I was going to do some online schooling but for some reason I just couldn't shake the feeling of something not being right. I know that was God telling me that wasn't the place for me... I have to find something I can do online because I watch Daegan during the day and of course Zeelynn is with me ya know. I am sure God will show me what way to go and things will work itself out. .... 
God is so good and has blessed my life in so many ways... Peace Out and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010


I should blog while I have the chance. Zeelynn is currently watching Hannah Montana and talking to the tv. Daegan is asleep in my bed so if I'm going to do it I have to do it now.
Life is so good right now.... It's a week before Christmas 2010. I really haven't done enough shopping. I got the three kids we have to buy for on jeramy's side of the family and my moms done, that's it! I still have to buy 6 more things for our kids, my sister, Daegan, then Patty and Christy... and a womens and mens gift for the chinese christmas. I am going to try and knock it all out this weekend, we will see how that goes. Let's see what else. I really always thought that boys were suppose to be cheaper than girls, but Zane has proven that thery so wrong. Seriously Zoei's list this year is a Hannan montana wig, perfume, and a calculator that prints the paper.... Zane's is another nerf gun, the only one that he doesn't have, the newest one that came out which means it's expensive, another PS3 controller and another game for the PS3. Santa is bringing the newest Call of Duty game for him and for Zoei she wants a desk Chair. The things she comes up with reminds me so much of me it isn't funny. Ok gotta cut this short, my littlest Z is wanting to eat...Imagine that, she's content for 45 minutes and when I try and blog, she wants to eat 5 minutes into it. Oh the joys of motherhood! (p.s. I wouldn't have it any other way!)

Friday, December 10, 2010

what life is all about

This is truly what life is all about: Zeelynn and Daegan hanging in the crib. December 9, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010

Our weekend getaway

I really suck with this whole blogging thing now. Daegan is a free flowing spirit that gets into EVERYTHING ~ and Zeelynn, well she is still a little baby who needs a lot of attention. I really need to take the time to blog because there are things I want to remember. Let's see what has gone on in the past month since I've blogged. Jeramy and I got away for a weekend. He has his monthly drills in Houston so I asked my mom if she would watch all three kids for the weekend. I really didn't know what she was going to say because even though Zane and Zoei are 9 and 7 and can pretty much do for themselves, Zeelynn is a lot to handle. When you haven't done a baby on a day to day basis for a long time it can be overwhelming. I was so excited when she told me that she would. It was the first time since I was 7 months pregnant that we got to get away. Even so being that pregnant wasn't that fun. I mean it was good to get away but at that point in pregnancy you are just miserable LOL So this time around I was back to having my normal body, feeling really good about myself, and I got to be alone with my husband all weekend. Jeramy didn't get off work till 6:30 Friday night. by the time we packed up the car and got gas we didn't even get on the road till 7:30. We checked into the hotel at 11:30. He had to go to the base during the day so I just chilled at the hotel, watched TV slept....felt so good not to have to get up because someone was crying, or hear mom Zane did this or Zoei did that. I met up with him for lunch.... Then Saturday night after he got out of drills we went to the movies to see the new Harry Potter movie.It was like a movie Tavern place. So we ordered chips and queso, popcorn and some long island ice teas. LOL After the waitress brought our stuff out and left for a minute she came back and said sir let me know when you get done with that long island because someone just bought you another one. We looked around like who.... she never said so we never found out. Just like when it happened at Chili's and those people paid for our whole meal, we were in shock. Sunday we got up and I dropped him off at drills. Went back to the hotel, got ready and packed everything up. I met up with him for lunch again, he went back to the base and I went to the mall. He wasn't going to get out of there till 3 at the earliest so I had some time to kill. I walked around the mall, then went to Walmart and walked around there.... finally at 2:45 I was like I really don't have anywhere else to go, so I just went to the base and sat in the parking lot. Jeramy came out there and told me he would get to leave after they finished with the helicopter. He ended up getting out of there at 3:10 and we were back on our way to reality. It was so much fun. I realized that Jeramy knows a lot of just random shit, and can actually talk for a LONG time. I drove all the way down there Friday night and we talked the whole four hours down there. There was not a minute of silence....... It was so good for my soul. It was just want I needed. So glad that I married my best friend

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