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When I think about my life, where I was and how far I have come I can't help but smile. I never in a million years thought life could be this good. I found a quote this morning and it just fit me and my mood so perfectly. It said :“The best feeling in the world is finally knowing you took a step in the right direction, a step towards the future where everything that you never thought was possible, is possible.”
This is Jeramy and I on the night he proposed to me. We were out celebrating his birthday, it was May 16,2008. I had no idea that he was going to ask me to marry him, I honestly don't believe he thought he was going to. At this time we had been together for 3 years. Some how we got on the subject and he just came out with it. He got down on one knee in front of everyone, and Tabitha took a pic of it.

This is us at the end of that night. Love this man more today than I did then...and that says a lot!

Our wedding day. We planned it all in a month. When Jeramy asked me to marry him we planned on getting married on our anniversary, March 20th of 2009. Well you know how life goes and we really didn't do anything to start planning, or saving for it. In Feb. of 2009 Jeramy decided to join the army. He was in construction and we all know how that market fell. Well his Sgt. told us that if we were married he could get him in at a higher rank starting off. So even though we were already engaged, and were going to get married just putting it off for awhile, his Sgt. gave us the final push. He was going to get sworn in March 24th, 2009 so we had a month.
My wedding was everything I ever wanted it to be. Small, simple and filled with the people that I love the most. Wasn't nervous, just really excited! I didn't do the whole marriage thing the right way the first time around, so my daddy walking me down the isle was, well just amazing.

Fast forward to 2011 and we now have three kids. Zane is now 9(only for another month), Zoei is 8 and the newest addition Zeelynn is 7 months old. Jeramy is the best father I could of ever asked for my children. He loves them and will stop at nothing to make sure we are all alright. I get to stay at home and be a mommy to my children and a 9-5 mommy to my nephew. I see them off to school every morning, and am here when they get home. I get to walk into the girls room in the morning and hear Zeelynn talking, and my heart melts when she notices me and her eyes get so big and bright and there is a smile from ear to ear. Truly what life is all about. Can't imagine being anywhere else, or doing anything else. At least not for now. Do I have goals and things I want to do, yes....but right here right now is where I am suppose to be. Thank you Father God for today, for the many blessing in my life, deserve nothing but yet you grand me with it all and for that I am grateful!!!!! AMEN

Monday, April 11, 2011

Thank you God

I’m thankful for each strand of hair
That grows upon my head
I’m thankful for the clothes I wear
And for a nice warm bed.
I’m thankful for the caring friends
Who make me feel so glad
I’m thankful for a doctor’s care
When I am feeling bad.
I’m thankful for my family
Who cheer me when I’m blue
I’m thankful for the U.S.A.
And for our soldiers too.
I’m thankful for the gentle rains
That fall upon the earth
I’m thankful for the life it brings
And for a baby’s birth.
I’m thankful for a sky of red
In early morning light
I’m thankful for the setting sun
And for the stars at night.
I’m thankful for a place to pray
And for the books I read
I’m thankful for a loving God
Who meets my every need.
                                                            Written by: Marilyn Ferguson

  Well this past Monday was a crazy defiantly one for the books. Jeramy went to work and on his way home he turned onto our street and the car died. He tried to start it again but it wouldn't go. He came and got me and I steered while he pushed the car home and into the driveway. We checked the fluids and crap, walked up to the gas station and got some gas, put it in. Nothing it wouldn't stay started. So I called my dad and he came over and told me it was the fuel pump. The problem with buying used cars is that you don't know who had it before you nor what they did or didn't do it to. Our Firebird that we had, we had to replace the fuel pump within a week of having it. Anyways we looked it up and the price for a fuel pump is 250. We have three kids on basically one income, we don't have 250 just laying around. We figured that we would call the car company in the morning and see what they say. They have a repair was a start. I called them and found out that it would be 420, labor and parts. Jeramy called me to see if I had found anything out, so I told him the news. He said well wanna her my good news, of course the answer was yes. He said that he went into work and talked to him boss. He is getting hired on through Butler. He has worked through the temp company for 7 months, and they are just waiting on his paper work to go through. Jeramy told Jeff that he didn't know if he could take the job right now because our fuel pump went out and needed to get it fixed. Once he gets hired on they are going to hold the first weeks paycheck, so it could be 3 weeks until he gets a paycheck. Jeff told Jeramy that he could give him a loan from the company, and gave Jeramy 400 dollars cash!!! THANK YOU GOD! I got big tears in my eyes when he told me because who would of ever thought that would happen? His boss also went and found a guy that does delieveries for Butler and asked him if he could fix the car. The guy said he would come to our house and fix it for 70 dollars: The part is 250 and if he only charged us 70 to put it in, well that's cheaper than going to the repair shop. You can't tell me that there isn't a GOD and that he isn't looking out for my family. MIRACLE!!! So the guy came over Thursday after work and had the old pump out and the new pump in and the car running all in about 3 hours. Can't tell you how much of a relief that was! 
Way I found the poem: Zane had to memorize a published poem with at least 10 lines.I was looking through the internet and came across this poem, Totally fits my mind set right now. Thankful, blessed, grateful, HUMBLED!

Happy Birthday Zoei

Well today was miss Zoei's 8th birthday party and it was a blast!!  I spent all morning running around trying to get everything that we needed. I should of gone Friday night but we started drinking wine and playing phase 10 so it got blown off LOL. We got pin the tail on the donkey and water balloons. Went to the park and could not of asked for a prettier day. I really thought it was going to be hot, but the breeze was just right. Everyone had a blast. The kids played on the playground, busted the water balloons and did pin the tail on the donkey. Us adults just talked and hung out. I must say and I said this to J's sister that it was pretty ironic that my husband, my sexy stud of a man Jeramy was talking, hanging out and didn't give two shits that it was Kyle's family. J is just such a cool cat and can hang in any situation. So much respect for that man! Anyways after the park we all went to the YMCA. I hadn't planned on swimming, but J said that he wanted to. So we stopped by the house and changed and actually went swimming.

I didn't get any pics of us swimming well because I was in the pool with everyone. It was so much fun, Jeramy was throwing us all around like rag dolls. The kids had a blast...all in all it was a beautiful day. Happy Birthday baby girl. Dad, Mom, Zane and Zeelynn think you are the coolest 8 year old girl around and we love you more than the stars in the sky.

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