Thursday, December 29, 2011


Today is the beginning of my 4 day weekend. WHOOO HOOOO It will really screw me up next week but then again I will enjoy every minute of it. I was pretty screwed up this week with having 3 days off, I can only imagine what next week will be like. Tomorrow the kiddos and I are just going to hang out at the house. Jeramy has to work. We are going to take the tree down and get the house back to normal. They won't enjoy any of the cleaning but I sure as hell will enjoy having my house back to normal. Love Christmas time, love the tree being up but only for about a week lol. I am not the type of person that puts the tree up and brings the Christmas things out right after Thanksgiving. I can only handle it for a little while. I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. I probably won't sleep past 830 cuz Zeelynn will wake up, but at least I will get a little more sleep. Anyways, going to get the little ones out of the bath and put them to bed....I'm ready to crash right now!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Truly blessed

I can't even begin to tell you how truly blessed I am. I am married to my best friend, my soul mate, my lover, my everything. I can't imagine spending my life with anyone else. He knows me better than I know myself sometimes. LOL The other day I was putting oil in the car at J's work. His co worker came up to me and asked if I needed help. I told him I was just putting oil in that I was fine. Fast forward to last night, J and I were riding in the car together on our way home. I told him what he did and J said yeah I know he told me. Jeramy went on to tell me that the guy said, Don't take offense to this, but now I know why you say your wife it too hot to cheat on! It took me a minute to register what he said, and then I asked him, You really say that about me? He said hell yeah I do, You are too hot to cheat on. Not that Jeramy would ever cheat on me, he's not that type of guy.... How do I know that, all men cheat.... well not my Jeramy. I know with every ounce of my being that it would never happen. I can't tell you how good it feels knowing that my husband, a man I have known since I was 14 years old, a man who has known me at almost my worst and seen me at my best goes to work talking about how hot his wife is. Made me smile for the rest of the night. I posted it on facebook last night and it had 16 likes on it. The girls at work were talking about how good of a guy he is and how they need to find a man like that. Truly a lucky girl to be able to be married to a man who truly loves me with everything he has, everything he is and everything he will ever be. There are not a lot of women who are blessed like that. 
On to my children, they complete me. I can't imagine not having them. Has my life been hard, yes, has my life been challenging, yes, would I trade any of it for anything? NOT A CHANCE! We just got through the Holiday season, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I found myself just watching them, seeing how they react to life and certain situations and I am just amazed. Amazed at how much a young man Zane has become. Amazed at what a beautiful young lady my daughter has become. Amazed at this little baby girl who is just truly a blessing in our lives. I love those kids more than life itself. LOVE  LOVE LOVE them! 
I now have to go get those precious little munchkins out of the bath so that they can get ready for bed. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Two weeks away from Chrismas

HOLY COW!!! I can't believe we are so close to Christmas. Time is just flying by. I really haven't been blogging like I usually do. Since going back to work, I really don't have the time. Let's catch up a little bit. Halloween, Zane was a vampire, Zoei was cleocatra, and Zeelynn was a lamb. They were all so CUTE! Love those little boogers more than anything. We had Thanksgiving at our house this year. It was nerve racking to say the least. Managed to feed 18 people and the Cowboys won so all in all it was a good day. Now we are on to Christmas time. Zane wants a BB gun, Zoei wants a laptop, and miss Zeelynn just wants anything that she can climb on or dance too. That little girl is growing so fast! All three of them are for that matter. Anyways this blog really is just me rambling so I am just going to go. Maybe sometime this week I will be able to sit down and spill everything that is on my mind....until then!

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Welcome to the wonderful life of me! I am married to my best friend, my soul mate, my right hand man, the love of my life and we have been blessed with 3 beautiful Z kiddos. Jeramy and I have known each other since we were 14 &16, and have been married for 5 years. He is in the Army and I get to be a stay at home mommy :) We have had our ups and downs, life hasn't always been peaches and cream, but we are blessed!