Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I walked out of my bedroom last night and saw four of my most favorite people in this world talking. Of course me being me, I snapped a picture. Absolutely love capturing those moments. Zane and Zeelynn eventually went into their own rooms. Jeramy stayed in Zoei's room and they had a conversation that lasted a good long while. It made such an impression on her, she woke up this morning wanting to talk about it. She said that it made her think about a lot of things and that it changed her perspective. I didn't ask questions, I just let her spill her heart out. It's amazing how much those conversations with him effect her. From what I gathered, they talked about life, the choices you make, the road you decide to travel on and how it all will effect the outcome of your journey in life. He went into details about a lot of things that have happened in his and my life separately as well as things that have happened in the past ten years since we've been back together. Jeramy is a very straight shooter when it comes to life and how it really is. He doesn't sugar coat anything. I agree with it, I just tend to be a little more discrete and not so forthcoming with details. I wonder if I need to be more open with the kids. I wonder if them knowing how much I have gone through in life, from my own choices as well as life just happening, if it would make life make more sense to them. Maybe not so much Zane because he doesn't really seem to question things, he pretty much just goes along with the flow. Things don't effect him like they do his sister. Zoei questions everything. Why people act the way they do, why people react the way they do, why some people feel the need to put others down, what pleasure they get out of it...she wants to understand it all. Not just in passing, but truly understand all of it.
It fills my heart with such joy seeing J be a daddy. Not just a daddy that is physically here, but a dad that is truly involved in their lives. A dad that ask questions, wants their opinions, wants to truly understand them and help mold them into productive adults

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
I have so many things to be thankful for...Let me start off with the man I have the pleasure of calling my husband. I don't believe I could ever put it into words how much I love this man. Knowing him for 17 years, I have seen him grow from this young 16 year old punk kid to a man of respect. My journey with him hasn't always been wonderful, but the beautiful thing about it is that we are still here going strong. We both agree that now, today, we are better than we have ever been. Through all of the ups and downs in life, we have finally come to a true understanding of each other. I know that life is going to throw us curve balls, I know that it's not easy to stay married, but I know with every ounce of my being that he and I will make it through it all. Together, we are unstoppable.
My precious, amazing, magical, pain in my butt, beautiful Z babies... I am so very thankful that I have the pleasure of being your mommy. My life would be so empty without y'all. I am amazed at how resilient y'all are, I am blessed to share your journey of life with you, I am humbled at how open and loving y'all are. I absolutely love you to the moon and back a million and one times with every ounce of my being.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hardest but yet most rewarding...

How can this beautiful young lady get picked on? How can this pretty young lady be made fun of? How can this spark of sunshine be made to feel worthless? How can this heart of gold be told such horrible things? It absolutely blows my mind. Breaks my heart. Makes me so damn sad and unbelievably angry. I hate that I can't take her pain away. I hate that I can't go and humiliate those little bastards the way they have humiliated my daughter. I am appalled that the school hasn't done anything. The things she has told me, you can't convince me that not one single teacher has seen it.... sickens me.  

Monday, July 28, 2014

2 years ago tonight

I was hanging with my best friend. We had eaten tacos that afternoon and by this time were at the Horny Toad on the west side of Ft. Worth. The show was kick ass. They nailed it that night. I remember having so much fun. The bar closed and it was time to leave. I remember most of the way home. I remember getting on 35, but that's the last thing I remember until I woke up on the bridge. I do remember bits and pieces. I remember the car speeding past us and then I remember it swerving, but nothing else. I can still to this day, two years later, vividly remember waking up on the bridge. I remember this voice telling me over and over again to open my eyes, but it wasn't anyone that was standing around the wreck. I remember waking up and freaking out... so confused as to what happened and wondering where Tony was. He was still knocked out in the car. I remember begging the guy that was talking to me to undo my seatbelt so that I could get away from the car, but he wouldn't help me. He kept talking to me trying to calm me down, but my survivor adrenaline skills were in full force. Tony finally came to and I assume hear us talking. He was the one who undid my seatbelt and then I crawled out from the wreck. I couldn't walk, I thought my ankle was broken. At that point I had no idea the road rash that was all over me or that my brain was bleeding. I remember crawling out of the car and then not to long afterwards, Tony came out. I will never forget the look on his face when he saw me. I knew then that it was pretty bad. I remember sitting on the bridge for what seemed like forever, but I know it wasn't too long, Looking at the explorer. Realizing that it was on it's roof, realizing that if it would of rolled one more time, It would of rolled over on top of me. When I came to, I was half way out of the passenger side window, the car on it's roof. I didn't know until after I was at the hospital that we almost flipped off the bridge. I remember getting into the ambulance slightly, but I vividly remember Tony opening up the doors. He kept saying how sorry he was and asked me what he needed to do. I told him to call Jeramy, and I told him that I loved him. After that it was off to the hospital. I don't really remember the hospital too much except for bits and pieces of it. I remember them telling me I was going to need stitches on my face, and telling them that I didn't care because I was alive and that was all that mattered. My daddy was the first person to show up at the hospital. I remember his face also and could tell it broke his heart to see me like that. They took me and did some xrays on my ankle, it wasn't broken, but it looked like it. They did a brain scan and that's when I found out my brain was bleeding, but it eventually stopped after being at the hospital for a couple of hours. I remember them having to wash my body to try and get all the gravel out of my road rash. That hurt like nothing I've ever experienced before.....
Thankful that we are both still alive. Thankful that we both get to watch our children grown up... There is more to the story but my mind is reeling

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Moving pretty fast...

So I started my new job on the 15th and by the 25th, I have already gotten a promotion and a raise! To say that it's all moving fast is an understatement. When I went in for the job interview the office manager told me that she was going to start me off in reception to figure out how the office runs and how everything works and then move me to dispatch. There was another girl that got moved from reception to the dispatch position a week before I started. The owners of the company as well as the office manager knew I had dispatching experience, but wanted to give the other girl a shot at it. Well Friday I was called into the managers office. First thought process is, I've only been here 9 days... did I screw something up lol. Anyways, I go into her office and she proceeds to tell me that the other girl isn't working out and that they are going to move her back to reception and me into the dispatch position. Not only did she say that, but she followed it up with a 2 dollar raise as well as a commission on warranty parts. I gladly accepted it lol. The pay scale down here compared to the pay scale for the same job in Ft. Worth is crazy. At my last job I was making less money and had 14-16 drivers on any given day. Here there are three technicians! Now at this job there is a lot more that goes into the dispatching position. Billing, parts, warranties and such. From what I've gathered in the short time I've been there is that it's a lot more like my old job at the tow company. Of course there aren't tow trucks, but as far as how the calls come in and then you dispatch someone to the job. I have to train the old dispatch girl on the front desk and how it runs... which is wild within itself because I've have only been there such a short time. The office manager asked me how long it would take me to train her on everything. I told her that I basically caught on within a couple of days, but I didn't know how fast she learned things. I asked the office manager how fast she caught on to the dispatching and she said that she still hadn't learned some of the basic key elements of it that she should of learned already. We agreed that I would train her Monday- Wednesday and then starting Thursday I would take over the dispatching part and she would take on the reception part by herself. I'm anxious but excited all at the same time. From what I've picked up, there have been a lot of people in and out of that place. Mainly because of the bosses wife. She is very opinionated and thinks very highly of herself....nice way to put it. She talks down to everyone and has a very condescending way of dealing with everything. She doesn't bother me. Probably because for one she has yet to speak to me that way, I believe if she did I would have to come up with a nice way of putting her in her place. But also because I've dealt with people with their houses in foreclosure, I've dealt with people being stuck on the side of the road cussing... There hasn't been someone in that position that has been able to take charge and get shit done. The office manager made it a point to tell me that she thinks I can do that and to not let her down. And then on Friday the owner told the head technician that play time was over because I was going to get them... Them counting on me to make changes and get that department of the company back to where it needs to be makes me nervous because it's pressure to really get in there and get it done, but it also is a confidence builder. It feels good knowing that they think I have what it takes. Plain and simple it feels SO DAMN GOOD to be back working. I knew after I was laid off in October that I wouldn't go back to work for a while. Jeramy and I had the agreement that we would move and I would get everyone settled into the new routine, house, schools, work, everything that came along with moving 230 miles away from any and everything we knew. We both know how much happier of a person I am when I work, so we decided I would go back to work when the kids went back to school in august. Obviously that happened a little quicker than we thought it would. Never imagined I would get a full time offer on my second job interview and start the next day. Feels good....
Jeramy and I were talking about this last night. I was telling him that I now feel like I'm planting my roots in Houston Texas. He had his job at the airfield, the kids had their school so their roots were planted pretty much as soon as we moved here. I enjoyed taking care of them, I enjoyed being here to take and pick them up from school, I enjoyed going to their school functions... being home for these past 7 months has been good all the way around. I knew I was starting to get the itch to go back to work a month or so ago. Thankful that I am now back and actually like what I'm doing. I think it's a natural thing to question if the decision to move was a good or bad one. I knew financially for my family it would be the best thing, but I questioned if everything else would fall into place. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that it was the best decision ever. Not only financially, but everything else has fallen into place. I do miss my old stomping grounds. I do miss the familiar sights and sounds of the place I lived for 30 years of my life. I do miss my friend and family.... but I truly believe this is where I'm suppose to be. Humbled, Blessed beyond anything and everything I deserve, Happy, Grateful... I wonder if this will ever become "Home" in my mind because I still think of DFW as being home... maybe after 30 years Spring will be home lol. Regardless, I believe this is where I am suppose to be.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

This crazy ass life of mine. So day before yesterday Jeramy and I were talking about our goals, what we want to do in the next few years, which way we want to take our family. The plan all along was for me to get a job around the time the kids go back to school. That way they can ride the bus together and Zeelynn can start going to daycare again. He and I talked for hours upon hours and left the conversation with I would start sending my resume out. So I did the same night, and the next morning I woke up with an email from a lady about a job. My interview was today. She didn't tell me if I got the job or not. She said she was going to start the background check and would let me know one way or the other in the next couple of days. Hope I get it. It's close to my house, good money, the hours are good.... I know I will end up wherever I am suppose to be. Just crazy to me that within a 24hr period I had an interview set up. I'm going to still send out my resume and see if I can find anything else (if this one doesn't pan out)

Jeramy called me on his lunch break to see how it went. Feels good knowing I have him behind me. Feels good knowing that no matter what, the ups downs the twist turns, the fuck ups... we will always have each other's backs. Thankful, thankful that we are in the place we are in now days....The sky is the limit!!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Life in Spring Texas

Since my last post, I have kind of found my way. My parents took my kids for 5 nights, 6 days and it was exactly what the doctor ordered! We needed a break from each other. That may sound shitty to some, but it's the truth. I love them to death, but sometimes you have to have a break. Sucked because Jeramy had drills the weekend she took them, but I managed. Have to say it was nice having the house to myself, complete silence. I started going to the gym... I know, I know, complete shocker!! Decided that maybe I didn't need to get a job right away, at least not until the kids go back to school, but I needed to find something that I could do just for me. What better thing to do than work out. Have never stepped foot in a gym in my life, have never worked out on machines or anything remotely close. I got the hang of it now :) Have already improved on how much I can do and how long I can do it... pretty damn cool. I'm excited to see where it takes me. I have such an addictive personality and more times than not it gets me in trouble...LOL So hopefully this avenue will lead me down a good path! Jeramy said he is going to go with me on the weekends. That should be interesting hahahaha I'm excited about it though. Gives me something that I can do by myself, just for me for an hour a day. Gets me out of the house and it's good for me.

In a few days we will be coming up on 7 months of living here in Spring. That just absolutely blows my mind. In one way it feels like it's been that long. Especially the other day when I saw my nephews, man they have grown!! But then on the other hand, I can't believe it's been that long. There is still so much to learn and explore around here. I know my way around to the schools, store, some restaurants and bars but the back roads or certain places people talk about, I know nothing about. It's cool though, I really do love it down here. I miss my friends, miss my family, but I think this was the best thing that could of ever happened for my family life. Blessed... simply truly blessed

Friday, June 13, 2014

Stay at home mommy....for me??

I lost my job in October 2013, but there was no point in me looking for a new job because I knew that we were going to be moving here. I was excited about the fact that I would be able to stay at home with the kids because we were all going to be in a new place. New school, new house, new city, new everything. I wanted to take them and pick them up from school. I wanted to be at home with Zeelynn. I wanted to be able to make the transition as easy and smooth as possible for them. Now here we are 61/2 months later. First off I can't believe it's been that long already. It literally has flown by. There are so many things, roads, places we have yet to experience here, but then at the same time it feels like home. I have this itch going on inside of me that I want to be able to get out and work. I know myself and know that I am a happier person when I work. Yes it makes the days crazy, yes it means that I'm away from the home, but the hustle and bustle is what drives me. I thrive off of it. I absolutely love my children, but I do so much better as a mom when I have that outlet. Jeramy and I talked about me going back to work when we moved here, but both agreed to wait until the kids go back to school in August. That way they both go to the same school, ride the same bus and are on the same schedule. This is July, I only have a couple months left of staying at home with the munchkins. I think I need to find something for us to do during the week. Something that will keep us (me) busy. Will make it where the kids don't go crazy and neither do I. This itch is in full force right now. Maybe, hopefully it will subside a little bit....

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Oh this wonderful Military Life

I don't think I will ever get use to the whole "going away" part. It never is gets easy, I never get use to it, it always sucks. I think this time is kicking my butt more because we are in a new city, there's no friends or family around... Just the kids and I for the next few weeks. No it's nothing like being gone for almost a year, like 2013 was, but it still sucks. He's only been home for good for four months, not ready for him to be gone again. Like my friend Tonya said, the selfish side wants them to stay here, but the rational side knows they have to go, and in the end, it's what's best for the family. I know it's true, just having a pitty party this morning. You know another thing  I will never get use to... is the mind set they go to. We as spouses, well at least I do, tend to get really clingy. My mind goes to let me spend as much time as I can, let me sit as close as I can, etc....My mind goes to the what if's, because we all know that tomorrow isn't promised whether your on "orders" or simply sitting at your house. The soldiers mind goes in the completely opposite direction. They go to I need to do this, that, make sure this is packed, make sure that is done. They withdrawal, I guess is the easiest way to put it. Mind set goes into complete military mode.... which is the way it needs to be.... just sucks at times for the other person.

Anyways in order for me to get out of this mind funk, the kids and I are going to hit up the beach today. It's suppose to be a beautiful day, they will probably get out in the water, I on the other hand just plan on soaking up some rays!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

My son's time to shine

Yesterday was Zane's choir concert "On the Radio"....
He did such an amazing job!!! There was another kid whom was suppose to have a speaking part in it but ended up not doing it. Zane's choir teacher pulled him out of PE yesterday and asked him if he would do it. He did it, and learned it all in one period. He was so nervous about doing it, but I'm telling ya he killed it!!
As a mother, or a parent for that matter, there is no prouder moment than watching your child shine. My eyes filled up with tears a couple of times because I was just so damn proud of him. He has always been the quite, reserved one, and to watch him get up in front of everyone and speak, sing and dance.... just an overflow of emotions.

 Jeramy made it home in time to go with us. That's always a hit and miss just because of Houston traffic. It's only 45 miles from his job to our house, but it can range from taking an hour up to two. Yesterday he walked in the door at 620, Zane was so excited he was going to get to come. He wanted so bad to show his daddy what he's doing. Jeramy was in choir when he was in school and had concerts and such also, so it's a thing they have in common, can relate to each other with. Absolutely loved it. The smile on Zane's face, the pride in the way he walked, just beaming of I did it.... priceless.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Weekend Trip to Austin

So the hubby and I had to go to Austin this weekend for a mandatory Yellow Ribbon Event. Was so stoked about it because even though it was going to be "death by power point", as we like to say, during the day, we still got a weekend alone with no kiddos.
I went and met my mom in Centerville on Friday to give her the kids and then came back and packed up the bags. We took off to Austin around 3. Since we moved to Spring, we found a hwy that just cuts straight across to Austin. Super cool because we got to go through all kinds of little bitty towns. We stopped and ate dinner in a town called Giddings. Never heard of it before until we stumbled across it. We made it to the hotel around 645 or so checked in and went down to the bar.

We had a couple long islands and just sat and bs'd. Talked to some of the guys he was deployed with and random people at the bar.

The hotel was beautiful. Jeramy always says we get the nice ones when families are involved lol. If it woulda just been the soldiers, they would of been shacked up all together and it wouldn't of been this nice of a place. All day Saturday we sat and listened to people talk. We did a couple of group talks, which were fun. Jeramy surprised me and actually spoke in front of all of the people in our group, (something he never does) It was cool to hear other peoples thoughts and feelings about the deployment and how they have been since the soldiers have come back. Saturday afternoon we took a trip to Kyle to see Jeramy's sister. They haven't seen each other since before J was deployed so that was pretty cool. On our way back to the hotel we stopped and got a burger to take up to the room with us. We ate and watched movies snuggled up with each other. Nice quite chill kinda night. Sunday was the last part of the yellow ribbon event.

We got out of there around 1145 and headed up north on 35 to Waco to meet my mom and get the kids back. We beat her there by an hour so we stopped and had lunch. Once my mom got there we loaded up the kiddos and took off on another adventure though small towns. We went through one town called Mert, the population was less that the high school we went to lol. We got home around 630 and everyone went into their own space. The kids played and J and I just kinda vegged out. It was a lot of driving but sure worth it. Love spending time with that guy!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Saturday May 2,2009

Well these past few days have been pretty crazy. Drama filled, fun filled, worry filled, a little bit of it all to say the least. You already know who the drama is all about. He text me talking crap and then said that I was trying to get a rise out of him. STUPID! He started the whole thing. But anyways, I took care of it and now don't have to deal with his drama anymore! YAY!! I am so excited about it. Last night I threw Shannon and Sarah a birthday party at G's. It was so fun! Drinks were flowing, music was playing...Jeramy went with me so it made it even more fuN! He got me on the dance floor and sang in my ear~ AWWW~ I know we are sick with how much we love each other, but it's fun! Shannon and Sarah were pretty drunk. Tony was I ended up driving shannon's car home with tony, and jeramy followed us with shannon. I'm just glad I got them home safe! Today was a pretty cool day too. Just hung around the house, did some dishes. My sister took Zoei to go see the new Hannah Montana movie with Jessica and Summer. She thought she was all that let me tell ya. She came back so happy! She said mommy summer was a nice girl. We sat by each other at the movies. hahah Right now as we speak, Zane is with Ashley and Tyler going to see the new wolverine?(is that it) movie. He was really excited about getting to do something with Ashley without Zoei being around. hhahahha They are such buddies, but he is getting to that point where he wants his Zane time. I love those little boogers more than anything. So I wish I had some pictures to post of last night, but I was a weirdo and forgot my camera. I remembered the balloons, the cake, the plates, the necklaces, confetti, cards...etc..... but forgot the camera.... sucks ass but what can ya do. Love you all!


Originally written 1*12*10 Obviously just a random hormonal post lol

Maybe it's my hormones but something is really buggin the shit out of me. I won't name any names, which is totally not my style, but I won't do it this time. It's amazing to me that "friends" say they will be there no matter what. You talk with these so called "friends" on a weekly basis. Either through seeing them, talking to them on the phone or textin each other. And slowly but surely they stop coming around. Sure people's lives take on different directions and maybe it happens unintentionally. Maybe I am just pregnant and need to let my emotions go lmao!!!!!!!!!!
Originally done 11/4/10 - Just pics of my kiddos and I
You already know I have to take pic of myself

My favorite girls on Halloween 2010

I smile every time I look at this pic
Zeelynn Nautica Halloween 2010

My family Halloween 2010

Zane the army man, Zoei the Spanish princess
and little Zeelynn

Originally Done 11/17/10 - Another "draft" sitting here, wonder where my thoughts were going with this one: I have no clue....

Even though these little moments are what I live for: Even though I wouldn't trade my life for anything in the world....

This is what I felt like and it all came to a head Sunday

 So I struggled with postpartum depression with both Zane and Zoei. I believe it was because not only did I have a newborn, and then a newborn with a one year old, but I was 18 and 20 years old when I had them. Not only was I young but I was doing a lot of things in my life that children didn't need to be around and having to take care of them put a damper on my partying.

Thoughts for Thursday

Originally done 6/2/11 - Really don't remember the point of this post but gonna post it anyways

I really can't believe that it is June 2nd. Tomorrow is the kids last day of school. After tomorrow Zane will be a 4th grader and Zoei will be in 3rd and that means that we are just another year closer to Zeelynn going to school. I can't believe that she is going to be 1 in just 3 short months. She has almost been on the outside as long as she was inside me lol. 

Happy Father's Day

Originally done Sunday June 19,2011
Don't know why there are no pic of Zee LOL

That moment when...

Originally written 4/23/13 in the midst of deployment depression:
Your at rock bottom mentally, emotionally. When your sitting crying not for any one specific reason, but because of everything. You can't talk to anyone because there is always "something behind it", no one else understands where you are, and you just want to be left alone.(even though that would probably make everything worse)  They love to say oh you'll be stronger, or you don't give a shit, or you will be alright, you'll be happy in the end,  put your big girl panties on. People want you to be able to give them comfort, understand where they are coming from, go out and be social when they have no idea you are clinging on to life. You are willing yourself to get out of bed everyday when mentally you don't want to get up and deal with anything life has to throw at you. But you have no choice because you have 3 children that depend on you. You have to make yourself take a shower after days of not doing it simply because your hair is so nasty you can no longer hide it under a hat. (Today is Friday, first day I have taken a shower since Sunday) You find yourself yelling at your kids because everything gets under your skin. Do they do something wrong to cause you to say something to them, yes but is it really a HUGE deal... probably not. You plaster the fake smile on your face because it's what your suppose to do, it's what people expect to see from you. You go on about your day because you have children that are watching your every move, learning and figuring out how your suppose to handle life, but in reality your just going through the motions. Your so detached from everything it isn't funny.... Depression sucks...  You want to go out and just get smashed, but yet you know yourself and your past and how easily you can become addicted... You find yourself wondering is it all really worth it, how much more can one person handle. You are left alone to deal with EVERYTHING. Every single aspect of it falls on your shoulders but yet you have no choice but to be strong. You can't get away because there are always strings attached and if by chance you do have a babysitter it's your mother so your on a time limit. There's no time to let your soul just be free. No days to just get a grip on life and what exactly you are doing because someone else needs something. People will say it's what happens when you chose to have kids. Yes, that's right, they will always come before anything. But who ever said you still don't need me time. Who ever said you don't get overwhelmed with shit and just need to get away? When will this ever end.... can I make it till December????

American Soil and the state of Texas

Playing Catch up: Originally written 12/11/13

He IS BACK ON AMERICAN SOIL/ AND IN THE STATE OF TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can I get a hell mother *&#^(* YEAH!!! They started their adventure at 10am (our time) Monday morning. Jeramy said they left the base on a bus to go to the airport and the bus broke down in the middle of the desert. HOLY COW! Anyways they got it repaired and took off again. They went from Kuwait to Ireland, then Washington State to south Fort Hood, and then bussed to North Fort Hood. Total travel time 48 hours!! He called me about 530 Tuesday night and said they were in Ireland but my damn phone didn't ring! It just popped up that I had a voice mail. I was so damn annoyed!!! I got another phone call around 3am and I looked at the number... it was my husbands number. I haven't seen that number pop up on my phone since March, and it is now December. He said they were still on the plane but were in Washington State. Their lay over was a couple of hours long and then they were headed to South Fort Hood. I got a text message around 9 saying Texas feels good... made me smile ear to ear. I can't tell you how good it feels for him to be back in Texas, but I'll be honest about it. The fact that he is now only 3 hours away, after being over 8000 miles away for 9 months, and I still can't see him SUCKS DONKEY BALLS!!! He'll find out Friday how long it's going to take him to come home. If he doesn't get stuck in medical then they are going to leave Monday... but if he gets stuck, then it will be longer. Regardless if he gets to come home Monday or not, I'm driving there on Sunday. Won't be anything more than driving 3 hours to sit in a car on base with him and then turn around and drive 3 hours back home, but it will be worth every mile of it. Just to be there, with him....
He called this afternoon and we talked on the phone for almost an hour. We haven't done that in 9 months. Thank you God above for bringing these men and women home to their families!!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Almost 2 whole two months in our new town

It's really hard to believe that it's been almost two months. Part of me feels like everything is still so new and there is so much more to explore, which I know is the case... But then another part of me feels at home. The way I've watched my children blossom in just the two short months of being here reassures me that moving to Spring Texas, was one of the best decisions of my life. I miss my family and friends up in the DFW area, the familiar roads, the familiar places, the area I knew for 30 years of my life. But at the same time, I love being here, I know without a doubt in my mind that this is where we need to be and will be for the rest of our lives. Everything has fallen into place so beautifully.
I was really nervous about Jeramy coming home and then the fact that we were moving 300 miles away from anything I knew made me 10x's more nervous. I was scared that things were going to go back to the way they were before. The "comfortableness", the each having our own thing to do and not really putting any effort into our marriage. The going through the motions of the day working, paying bills, raising children, keeping up of the house etc. The routine that is all too easy to fall into when you've been together for (almost) 9 years. Jeramy kept telling me not to worry about it, that everything was going to be okay when I would express these feelings to him. I wanted to think that and believe him but inside I held so much doubt. I will say without a shadow of a doubt that he has totally blown my thoughts, fears, anxieties out of the damn water. The joy of getting to rediscover each other is something out of this world. The new outlook on life and what it holds for our future feels so secure, so promising. I am truly bless beyond anything I deserve....

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