Monday, July 28, 2014

2 years ago tonight

I was hanging with my best friend. We had eaten tacos that afternoon and by this time were at the Horny Toad on the west side of Ft. Worth. The show was kick ass. They nailed it that night. I remember having so much fun. The bar closed and it was time to leave. I remember most of the way home. I remember getting on 35, but that's the last thing I remember until I woke up on the bridge. I do remember bits and pieces. I remember the car speeding past us and then I remember it swerving, but nothing else. I can still to this day, two years later, vividly remember waking up on the bridge. I remember this voice telling me over and over again to open my eyes, but it wasn't anyone that was standing around the wreck. I remember waking up and freaking out... so confused as to what happened and wondering where Tony was. He was still knocked out in the car. I remember begging the guy that was talking to me to undo my seatbelt so that I could get away from the car, but he wouldn't help me. He kept talking to me trying to calm me down, but my survivor adrenaline skills were in full force. Tony finally came to and I assume hear us talking. He was the one who undid my seatbelt and then I crawled out from the wreck. I couldn't walk, I thought my ankle was broken. At that point I had no idea the road rash that was all over me or that my brain was bleeding. I remember crawling out of the car and then not to long afterwards, Tony came out. I will never forget the look on his face when he saw me. I knew then that it was pretty bad. I remember sitting on the bridge for what seemed like forever, but I know it wasn't too long, Looking at the explorer. Realizing that it was on it's roof, realizing that if it would of rolled one more time, It would of rolled over on top of me. When I came to, I was half way out of the passenger side window, the car on it's roof. I didn't know until after I was at the hospital that we almost flipped off the bridge. I remember getting into the ambulance slightly, but I vividly remember Tony opening up the doors. He kept saying how sorry he was and asked me what he needed to do. I told him to call Jeramy, and I told him that I loved him. After that it was off to the hospital. I don't really remember the hospital too much except for bits and pieces of it. I remember them telling me I was going to need stitches on my face, and telling them that I didn't care because I was alive and that was all that mattered. My daddy was the first person to show up at the hospital. I remember his face also and could tell it broke his heart to see me like that. They took me and did some xrays on my ankle, it wasn't broken, but it looked like it. They did a brain scan and that's when I found out my brain was bleeding, but it eventually stopped after being at the hospital for a couple of hours. I remember them having to wash my body to try and get all the gravel out of my road rash. That hurt like nothing I've ever experienced before.....
Thankful that we are both still alive. Thankful that we both get to watch our children grown up... There is more to the story but my mind is reeling

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