Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I walked out of my bedroom last night and saw four of my most favorite people in this world talking. Of course me being me, I snapped a picture. Absolutely love capturing those moments. Zane and Zeelynn eventually went into their own rooms. Jeramy stayed in Zoei's room and they had a conversation that lasted a good long while. It made such an impression on her, she woke up this morning wanting to talk about it. She said that it made her think about a lot of things and that it changed her perspective. I didn't ask questions, I just let her spill her heart out. It's amazing how much those conversations with him effect her. From what I gathered, they talked about life, the choices you make, the road you decide to travel on and how it all will effect the outcome of your journey in life. He went into details about a lot of things that have happened in his and my life separately as well as things that have happened in the past ten years since we've been back together. Jeramy is a very straight shooter when it comes to life and how it really is. He doesn't sugar coat anything. I agree with it, I just tend to be a little more discrete and not so forthcoming with details. I wonder if I need to be more open with the kids. I wonder if them knowing how much I have gone through in life, from my own choices as well as life just happening, if it would make life make more sense to them. Maybe not so much Zane because he doesn't really seem to question things, he pretty much just goes along with the flow. Things don't effect him like they do his sister. Zoei questions everything. Why people act the way they do, why people react the way they do, why some people feel the need to put others down, what pleasure they get out of it...she wants to understand it all. Not just in passing, but truly understand all of it.
It fills my heart with such joy seeing J be a daddy. Not just a daddy that is physically here, but a dad that is truly involved in their lives. A dad that ask questions, wants their opinions, wants to truly understand them and help mold them into productive adults

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